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5 Top Tips for Preparing Your Home for a Newborn

Having a baby is one of the most memorable moments in your life. It brings a lot of changes into your life and changes your perspective on many things in our world. Your baby needs the best care and nourishment a parent can give. There are a series of things to do in your home prior to the baby's arrival, and we'll help you get through them like a pro.

These five top tips will help you prepare your home for your newborn.

5 Top Tips for Preparing Your Home for a Newborn

1. Declutter and make space for the baby's belongings

First, it's important to keep in mind that you will now house one of the most vulnerable beings this world knows. Babies need a lot of attention and space to be happy. While you may have a lot of space in your home, it's important to remember that babies come with a lot of baggage. Prior to your baby's arrival, it is likely you will invest in some mom-approved baby gear that will definitely take up valuable space.

You will need space for the baby's crib, toys, utensils, bottles, and clothes. This being said, you will need to declutter your home and assign designated spaces for these things prior to the baby's arrival.

5 Top Tips for Preparing Your Home for a Newborn

2. Sanitize and dust everything at your place

In addition to decluttering, you will have to clean and sanitize your home. This includes dusting, cleaning hard-to-reach places, purifying your air, cleaning your AC ducts and filters, and wiping away microbes, germs, and mold. Doing so can help prevent your baby from getting sick with coughing, allergies, and asthma. Simultaneously, you will keep the rest of your family healthy as well.

For this step, you can search the internet for "best humidifier for baby" to find brands like MistAire, Safety 1st, and Crane. Humidifiers help increase the air quality in your home as well as boosting moisture in the air, making it much easier for the baby to breathe. Additionally, air humidifiers can help relieve dry skin and soothe cold symptoms like a stuffy nose and congestion.

3. Baby-proof your kitchen and other common areas

Next, you will want to baby-proof everything in your home, like your kitchen, power outlets, fans, and cabinets. Don't make the mistake of thinking that you will have time to baby-proof your house once the baby is a toddler because that will most likely not happen. Take advantage of the free time you have now to prepare your home for your incoming child.

4. Prepare your fridge for the baby's products

Moreover, your kitchen will need a small revamping to fit your baby's food and utensils. This includes making space in your fridge for your baby's dishes and drinks as well as clearing your cabinets for his or her food and products.

Additionally, as the baby gets older, you will need to have a lot of water available to keep your baby hydrated at all times to prevent any fevers and other dehydration side effects. You can achieve this by searching on Google for "bottled water delivery near me" to find companies like Sparkletts. Water companies like these provide water delivery in gallons straight to your doorstep. They can include subscriptions that can help you save money as well as discounts on first orders.

5 Top Tips for Preparing Your Home for a Newborn

5. Fill the baby's room with essentials and decorations

Lastly, you will want to fill your baby's nursery with the essential items and décor. This includes the baby's crib, drawers to store their clothes, toys for their entertainment, a changing station, and a humidifier. Additionally, you will need bedsheets, lots of pampers, swaddle blankets, a sound machine, and a diaper genie or trashcan. Moreover, you can invest in nursery wallpaper or wall art to keep your baby entertained with visuals as well as lotions and ointments to keep them moisturized and healthy.

There are plenty of other things that will occur during this process, but these are the top tips to help you get started.



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