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Chalet chic interiors with Chamonix

Transforming your room into a cozy chalet is a delightful adventure that turns your space into a haven of warmth and charm. From the moment you start selecting rustic furnishings to the joy of hanging fairy lights that mimic a starry night, each step is a playful exploration of your personal style.

Embracing the chalet aesthetic brings a sense of joy as you mix textures like faux fur and knitted blankets, creating a snug atmosphere that feels like a perpetual hug.

Imagine curling up with a good book in a plush armchair surrounded by wooden accents and soft ambient lighting – it's an enchanting experience that turns your room into a retreat where every moment feels like a mini-vacation.

Decorating your space like a chalet isn't just about aesthetics; it's about infusing your room with a sense of joy and comfort that makes every day a celebration of your unique taste and creativity.

Read on to find how you can give your bedroom the look and feel of a chalet in the mountains.


Christmas Bedroom Decor

Today's styling challenge, in collaboration with John Lewis is bringing back memories of those early days of skiing.

Their latest Edit is all about alpine chic and includes a sub-collection called 'Chamonix', named after the ski resort in the French Alps, close to the highest mountain peak in Europe, Mont Blanc.

With a retro feel to it (think 60s and 70s) John Lewis' Chamonix is your Alpine fantasy - nestled beneath powdery slopes, imagine a cosy, contemporary ski lodge hideaway. Creative, fun and inventive, this is chalet chic for the whole family.

I started the styling in the guest room given the latest news that I should be expecting a party of 4 adults and one baby on New year's Eve.

Note to myself: 4 adults?! I have two guest rooms, but only one has a bed in it. I do not have a cot either. I am scratching my head around this one. Any notes of support at the end will be much appreciated.



Get the Look: Stag Print Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set, £50 for a double; Chamonix Motif Cushion Red/ Navy, £20; Icelandic sheepskin rug, £60; Glass Cloche Skiier Bauble, £6; Winter Snow Scene Bauble £4.50; Lasercut Wooden House Tree Decoration £4.

Fleece red throw with stitch, £40; laser cut wooden sleigh decoration, Chamonix printed horse tree decoration; nutcracker £60; faux fur cushion; fair isle cushion £20.



The Alpine Edit has a lot of red, blue, and white, but I decided to keep two colours in the guest bedroom: red and white. The bedding I chose has a white background with black printed stags and an unexpected red pipping (on the duvet and on the pillowcases).

To get properly into the seasonal spirit I teamed the duvet cover with the contrast stitch red fleece blanket. It's the perfect size for a double bed and is very soft. It also echoes the colour of the cotton ball lights and the little mirror on the wall.

With the bedding shorted I accessorised with three cushions: a cream faux fur and two Fair Isle style cushions in inky blue and red.



On the floor, an Icelandic sheepskin rug in cream will keep my guests' feet warm while a white tulip armchair will keep clothes and books (or presents) in lieu of a side table.



Red and white work well in this room which has walls painted in Farrow & Ball Mole's Breath. The iron cast bed frame supports the scheme well and to make the room a little more rustic - as you would expect a ski lodge to be - I brought the branches over from my office and added cotton ball lights in a similar colour way.

The retro look in the collection is visible in most products: a palette of deep blues, whites and reds sit alongside plush, faux-fur throws and rugs, plus ice skating and snowflake motifs. The ski-themed decorations and alpine-inspired graphics complete the look.


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