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De-clutter your home with smart storage solutions

It’s always a sad moment when it dawns on you that you have to start de-cluttering your home after Christmas and New Year. We put it off for as long as possible as we don’t want to accept what it means, but that being said, we are here to help with this sometimes daunting and overwhelming task!

Trying to find a new home for everything you have gained over the festive period is never easy, but the good news is that there are some real ingenious inventions and creations out there that help to make this so much easier. We thought we would share with you some of our favourite smart storage hacks that can actually help to create a new design feature in your home AND solve storage problems.

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Clothing rail

A clothing rail doesn’t have to be hidden away in your wardrobe anymore. 2019 saw a rise in exposed clothing rails as a new trend , and this is set to become even bigger in 2020. The great thing about this is just how versatile it is.

These rails will look great in any room of the house and is a truly creative way of finding a home for all those new tops and jeans you have accumulated over these Christmas sales.

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