De-clutter your home with smart storage solutions

It’s always a sad moment when it dawns on you that you have to start de-cluttering your home after Christmas and New Year. We put it off for as long as possible as we don’t want to accept what it means, but that being said, we are here to help with this sometimes daunting and overwhelming task!

Trying to find a new home for everything you have gained over the festive period is never easy, but the good news is that there are some real ingenious inventions and creations out there that help to make this so much easier. We thought we would share with you some of our favourite smart storage hacks that can actually help to create a new design feature in your home AND solve storage problems.

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Clothing rail

A clothing rail doesn’t have to be hidden away in your wardrobe anymore. 2019 saw a rise in exposed clothing rails as a new trend , and this is set to become even bigger in 2020. The great thing about this is just how versatile it is.

These rails will look great in any room of the house and is a truly creative way of finding a home for all those new tops and jeans you have accumulated over these Christmas sales.

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Bring back the pegboard

This one may surprise you a little, but a pegboard is a surprisingly brilliant way of hanging up new items you have gathered over Christmas and New Year, such as picture frames, jewellery and clothing accessories. You can find these in a range of colours and designs, from rustic wood to modern metal and everything in-between. You’ll be amazed at how well this works either in your bedroom, living room or study.

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Use baskets to store (or hide clutter)

The latest collection of baskets for 2020 includes rattan, a trendy product that we have seen used by ZARA Home and H&M.

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Open Shelves in the kitchen

If you are tired of your kitchen looking small because of all the wall cabinets and you still have trouble finding things, bring them out in the open. A utilitarian stainless steel plate rack is a timeless kitchen storage unit that brings this classic kitchen storage solution into 2020. Available from STOVOLD & POGUE, £170.

These units can be used over sideboards, cabinets and for those brave enough, over kitchen islands. They optimise the open shelving trend. Used appropriately, they can become a styling talking point too.

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Image above: Not on The High Street; below: H&M Home

Modular units

Modular units are a stylish and modern feature that range in size, colour and price. We are seeing more metallic modular units trend recently; these can provide a room with a unique and contemporary feel. Suitable for both dining and living room rooms, they can work as space dividers or as a display against the wall.

Modular units can work both as shelving/ bookcases or for your clothes. You can often design them to fit the width and height of your space.

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Above: Tylko; Below, Johanez shelving unit, La Redoute

Source - This is the IKEA ELVARLI unit

Utilize a room divider

This is one of the more ingenious ways in which you can both find new storage space and create a wonderfully trendy design feature. By investing in a two-in- one room divider you are able to create a huge amount of storage space that you never thought possible.

Working best in the kitchen to separate this from the dining room, a room divider provides you with the opportunity to add another touch of personality and colour into the room, whilst also storing away anything you want. We love this clever solution by Heimat Baum as seen below.

Corner shelves

A corner shelf is a quick and easy way of being able to create new storage. This will work in any room of the house and may surprise you at just how easy of a task fitting this actually is. You can use this for absolutely anything, but for a modern style why not add a natural and organic element to the design of your room by displaying plants on each shelf. This look may have started in trendy coffeeshops but has now made its way into our homes, brightening up what was once a dull corner.

Photo: A beautiful Mess

Stack of old, vintage suitcases

If the vintage look is something you desire then why not try this wonderful method of combining practical storage with beautiful design and create yourself a vintage suitcase bedside table. Not only does this add colour and creativity to your room, but it’s also perfect for storing away items that you need to hide away.

Vintage suitcases can really range in price, so your best bet is to pop to a local charity shop to hunt for a bargain as other stores may charge a lot. And if you cannot find vintage, try this Extra Large Set of 3 Metal Storage Trunks, in Tonal Grey from

I hope these storage tips will help you to both de-clutter your home and add some new and exciting design elements to your homes. Don’t be afraid to be bold and proudly display your items as this is one of the best ways of injecting personality and style into a home.