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Five Cost-Effective Ways to Transform Your Bathroom into a Designer Bathroom

Depending on your budget there are several ways to turn a worn-out bathroom into a delightful space, ranging from a full bathroom renovation down to the most superficial changes, such as dressing the space with new soft furnishings, changing a mirror, or adding a new shower curtain.

Of course, nothing compares to a brand-new space, and a renovation may be a better way forward. If you are based in Harrogate, you can check out Harrogate Bathrooms for lots of bathroom inspiration and to understand what you can get for your budget.

But now let us take a look at five cost-effective choices that fall somewhere between the two extremes.

1/ New Bathroom Accessories

Perhaps the cheapest thing that you can do in your bathroom, to instantly give it a new lease of life, is to update your accessories. From soft furnishings like towels and a bath mat, down to a shiny new mirror, you can spend little and it will go a long way if the look is co-ordinated.

This will make an immediate difference to the appearance of your bathroom, and you will not have spent very much money to achieve the look.

Middle: Marelli natural mirror, £79, Cuckooland

Bottom: Gloria mirror (left) Arteriors, Hexagon miror and shelves unit, Blue Iris Interiors £76

2/ Light Up Your Bathroom!

Dim and dingy rooms rarely look good. Brighten up your existing bathroom by changing the light fitting for one that allows more light into the room, add a couple of strategic mirrors to bounce the existing light around, and remove anything dark and gloomy.

Spaces filled with light not only seem brighter but more cheerful too, making your bathroom a much more pleasant place to bathe.

Consider opting for a mirror with embedded lights (we love LED round mirrors with a touch option to light them up) and before choosing your bathroom light fittings, make sure they are fit for a bathroom area (IP44 rating).

Above: Evo Organic Dimmable Decorative Bathroom Wall Light, by Made to Last | Apollo Rectangular LED Bathroom Light, Brushed Brass & Opal Glass, MADE.COM | Pillar Wall Lights Original BTC | Garden Trading Waterloo Bathroom Wall Light - Satin Nickel | Pooky Pumpkin Wall Light | Garden Trading Alma Bathroom Spotlight

3/Bathroom Fittings for a King!

If your bathroom is in decent, but the taps are tarnished and the cabinet handles are beginning to show their age, why not just replace these fittings.

Changing them all to a matched set (like all black or all gold or stainless steel) will pull the bathroom décor together in an exciting way, and give your ordinary bathroom a designer gloss that looks much more expensive than it is.

Make sure you find a reliable plumber that is recommended by someone you know. Your dream makeover does not deserve any nasty surprises!

4/ Re-Tile and Paint

Similar to the above point about brightening up your bathroom, you can achieve an even more impressive effect with fresh paint and new tiles.

Tiling is more expensive than some of the other options, but it has a very good result, leaving you with the same, comfortable bathroom furniture in a new and shiny setting which will give you the best of both: designer looks in a known and well-loved bathroom.

Be sure to check out our 2021 Tile trends.

Flat Marble Arch Grey Gloss Tiles, Walls and Floors | Arcade Crackle Duck Egg Wall Tiles, Porcelain Superstore | Plush Chinois Blue and teal Crackle Glaze Tiles, Euston Square Gloss Blue Metro Tiles, and Covent Garden Gloss Pink Metro Tiles, all Walls and Floors.

5/ Keep Your Bathroom Layout

If there is nothing for it but to strip out the old bathroom, you can save considerably if you replace the bathroom furniture in the same place as the old fittings. This way, the workmen will be able to plumb in your new items without needing to remove pipes or pull up floorboards. It will also be quicker, so you will be enjoying your new designer bathroom sooner than you otherwise might.


Jenny Kakoudakis likes to blog about interiors. She launched the award-winning Seasons in Colour in 2014. When she is not chasing criminals out of the financial system (her day job), she gets creative by redecorating her own home.

Download her free bathroom renovation guide here.



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