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Furnished or Unfurnished Rental Property – Which is the Better Choice for Landlords?

Buy-to-let landlords may come in all shapes and sizes but they share a common motivation to attract good quality tenants to their properties. However, is this strategy best achieved by offering the flat or house for rent in an unfurnished condition, or fully furnished? Both types of accommodation play an important role in the rental market, so which is the better choice?

First off, we should mention that there is no formal requirement to furnish rental properties. The decision to furnish or not to furnish is up to the individual landlord’s discretion and will be based on a variety of factors such as the type and location of the property, the favoured tenancy period and the expected rental yield.

It’s also important to point out that the presentation of a rental property will have a strong impact on the type of tenant it will suit.

“Sometimes a different perspective and knowledge of what tenants like and dislike can make a huge difference to not only the rent you receive but the calibre of tenant you attract,” says one lettings expert in London. Put differently, what may look like the dream scenario for one tenant may be completely unsuitable for another.

Let’s shed some light on both furnished and unfurnished accommodation in turn.


What is a furnished rental property?