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Gold Christmas Table Top Decor | AD

Christmas decor starts outside your home, with beautiful wreaths, garlands and fairy lights. But it is inside your dining room, when family and guests sit around the table for the Christmas Day lunch, where you have to pull out all the stops and make everyone feel extra special. With luxurious napkins, gold rimmed wine glasses and trendy cutlery, our table decor should be inspiring, luxurious, decadent and very sophisticated for that special occasion. Here's how I pull the look together at our home.

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Start with a Neutral Base

A crisp white table cloth is always my first choice for a formal dinner. Red or green feels less formal and patterned table clothes can make the table feel busy. Besides, you can add colour through accessories, foliage and flowers.

Of course, white will be more prone to stains but it can also be washed in bleach more easily, removing them all. Let your friends and family enjoy their dinner, accidents will happen but today is not a day to be awfully worried about those! This particular table cloth I have here is handmade and a wedding gift but you can find similar high end quality vintage pieces online.