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Creative Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner and that can only mean one thing: it’s time to get festive! Whether you’re after a more subtle or outlandish look, there is simply no better way to show off your love for Christmas than by decorating your home and turning it into a winter wonderland. From the tree in your living room to the utensils in your kitchen, there are so many ways to create a Christmas feel and spread your festive cheer. Join me as I share how to add a slice of Christmas wonder to your home, on a room-by-room basis.

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Above and below: Garden Trading Company


How you choose to decorate your home’s entranceway will set the standard for the rest. After all, it will be the first room you and your visitors will see as you arrive and enter the home, so it’s important for it to stand out.

On your door step: If you’re going for a subtle approach, start with a festive pattern coir mat like this Star Bunting Mat from The Garden Trading Company. It doesn't shout Christmas and will help you keep your home clean too. A beautiful Wreath on your door is what it is all about, however and these are the UK's best Christmas Wreaths to choose from.

As you enter the hallway of your home, if you have a console table, then place mini pinecone trees or a small pre-lit Christmas tree in a willow basket. Likewise, lining the banister with fairy lights, artificial holly or paper decorations can help add to the atmosphere and give you a feeling of festive familiarity almost instantly.

The smell of your home: Whether it be cinnamon, orange zest, gingerbread, or nutmeg, Christmas is associated with so many wonderful scents. Therefore, having these hit you as soon as you walk in will really add to the overall atmosphere.

Favourite Products

Above: All products by The Garden Trading Company; Below: Christmas Fragrances from The White Company

Above: BERRIED Eucalyptus Outdoor Wreath, FlowerBX

Living Room

Typically, the living room is the showpiece room for festive decorations – the crème de la crème for demonstrating your love of Christmas. Therefore, let’s start with the biggest, and arguably most important, factor of your living room’s decoration arsenal: the tree. I have a whole page dedicated to Christmas Trees and also you can join the debate on whether you should buy a good quality Faux Tree or opt for natural.

Favourite products

Don’t buy a Christmas tree that is too big or small for your living room. It should complement the surrounding furniture without being too overpowering or too subtle. The accessories used to decorate it should follow suit as well. While it may be tempting to add that extra layer of tinsel or stream of coloured fairy lights, if it’s going to make the tree look messy or tacky then leave it off.

Where should you place your tree: I think that the tree should be visible from outside looking in. It can be visible in a discreet way - say in the corner of the room - or placed in all its glory in front of your main window. Give your tree a good base, with a wicker skirt or a coir mat.

Below: Woven from beautiful natural wicker, this skirt will disguise the metal base of an artificial Christmas tree and add a lovely rustic-style to your room, too. This skirt is designed especially to fit a 6ft - 7.5ft Spruce. The cost of a good quality skirt is around £30-50.

Fairy lights: I personally don't like flashing lights at all. Although I grew up in the 80s when flashing colourful lights was a thing, it would drive me mad these days to have the tree lights catch my eye all the time. Too distracting. But that's me! My personal preference are warm white lights that are on all the time. Sleek micro lights look decidedly delicate and elegant; remember to be generous with your lights depending on the size of your tree. Ideally, purchase lights that come with a timer, so they can be set to automatically turn off.

The Advent Calendar: OK, so the tree is decorated – what else should you think about including in your living room? Placing a DIY Advent Calendar atop your fireplace or on a wall can add a really unique charm to your living room, as can utilising a variety of festive-themed ornaments.

Wrapped Presents: Choose your wrapping paper to be similar to the rest of your decor theme in terms of colour. You can wrap some faux presents using empty boxes too to fill the space under the tree.

Other decor: I bought a traditional nativity set some 7 years ago, and I can tell you I am not changing it any time soon. For something similar try this nativity stable from John Lewis and Partners (but note that the characters are sold separately so the whole thing will cost £60). I am sure you can find it at a lower cost, and your local garden centre might be a good place to start looking!

I create small festive vignettes around the room with scented Christmas candles, or some specially handcrafted ornaments that add to the magic. If you have kids, fake powdered snow, Christmas stockings and the infamous Elf on the Shelf are some alternative ways of bringing the atmosphere of Christmas into your very own living room.

Kitchen & Dining

Decorating your kitchen requires more of a subtle touch, as you don’t want to overdo it. Small changes here and there can make a big difference so, depending on the size and space you have

available, there are a number of things you could do. For instance, you could reorganise your bookshelf to show off even more of the aforementioned Christmas ornaments. Or, you could separate off a small area of your kitchen to create your very own mulled wine or hot cocoa bar (ok that's over the top, I get it).

One key area to think about in your kitchen/dining room is your table. Consider the tablecloth you want to use and how you want the table to be set. Using Christmassy colours, like red, green, gold, silver and white, can add a level of real festive sophistication to your kitchen.

For something extraordinary (especially if you are entertaining guests), you could use removable ceiling hooks and hang branches covered with foliage then add hanging lanterns for a totally magical display, as shown below (image: The Garden Tra

Image Credit: Sophie Allport


You may not think it, but your garage is very important when it comes to decorating your home for Christmas. Your garage door in particular offers a blank canvas for creativity, and can be utilised in wonderful ways to demonstrate your love of Christmas to your neighbours and the wider community.

While you may have seen outdoor projectors used that project festive features onto garage doors, for me, it is all about doing things subtly. Use non flashing fairy lights in warm white at the top of the doors, it will surely put a smile on people's face as they drive by in the evening for that special wintery ambience.



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