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High-Impact Hues: Why Dramatic Interiors Can Be So Striking

What is an interior colour scheme without a little dash of drama? You want your home to be an interesting, impactful place to be, not just for yourself but also your guests. And dark colours are the ideal way to add that all-important touch of compelling drama.

Dramatic interiors add the wow factor to any home, and it’s easier than you might think to implement them, no matter what size home you’re styling.

The Benefits of Darker Colours

There are several reasons to choose a darker colour scheme, starting with the fact that it adds atmosphere and creates a cosy mood in your home. Dark colours are enveloping and cocooning, making any room feel instantly more inviting.

Dark colour schemes are also great for hiding any imperfections in your home, such as uneven walls.

Deep, rich colours such as navy, emerald green, charcoal and aubergine are perfect backdrops to art and decor, making every colour you place in front of them pop.

And, despite the consensus that dark colours can only be used in large spaces, these colour schemes work brilliantly in smaller homes when you embrace tinier areas of the home and lean into the dramatic nature of deep shades.

It’s also a way to work with what’s alrea