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How to Create the Perfect Gallery Wall in Your Home

Gallery walls are striking and actually easier to implement than many people realise. In fact, if you’re looking to make a feature of your decor in a room, photography or art is the perfect way to incorporate some visual interest in an elegant way, while also capturing those special memories that are so important to you and your family.

Understandably, many people consider the idea of creating a gallery wall difficult, because there are various ways you can approach it and you don’t want your images to look cluttered and untidy.

All too often, gallery walls either look uninspiring and boring or they look overwhelming and chaotic. But there are a few ways you can ensure that whatever style of images you have in your possession, you can hang them in a stylish way.

In this article, we’ll explore a few tried and tested ways to create the perfect gallery wall in your own home.

Image: @andrea_groot (instagram)

Choose a theme

The first step is to gather your art or images you want to hang. You want to choose items that complement each other but don’t match too much, as this can result in a bland looking wall without any personality.