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How to inject your own style into a new home

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or you’ve made another step on the property ladder, nothing beats that ‘new home’ feeling. Once the long, stressful process of buying your new home is over and you finally have the keys in hand, it’s time to make the property your own.

A newly-purchased home is like a blank canvas on which you can imprint your own personality, but how can you best inject your own sense of style?


1. Create a vision board for how you want the home to look

If your new home is a blank canvas, a great way to start creating your own plans and desired aesthetic for the space is by making a vision board, where you can incorporate fabrics, materials, and pictures to inspire and inform your creative decisions.

Described as a visual representation of your goals, vision boards can provide a fun and tangible way of realising the defining style of your new home before you’ve even moved in or started decorating.

2. Set a budget

Before planning or undergoing any new property transformations, you’ll need to create a budget for any materials or works that may need to be carried out in the home. You can easily calculate a sensible budget by assessing your income, outgoings, expenditure, and savings.

Remember to always prioritise structural repairs and renovations over cosmetic works - failing to address common problems like mould and damp can lead to further costs and damages later down the line.

When it comes to sourcing materials for your new home ‘spruce-up’, don’t be afraid to compromise and spend a little less than you might like, but don’t compromise on quality - always stick to your budget and spend within your means.

3. Reuse and upcycle

If you’re working with a limited budget and you don’t have the funds that you’d like to spruce up your new home, consider reusing and upcycling old items from your previous property. While upcycling is all about getting creative, even a simple lick of paint can transform old items of furniture for the better - you’ll also make significant savings in new furniture costs.

When you’re unpacking, sift through any old, unused items and consider selling these online to generate some extra funds to make your home more sleek and stylish.

4. Take your time

When you’re renovating a new home with the intention of injecting your own style and personality, it’s essential that you take your time and try to enjoy the process.

If you’re stressed out and trying to complete the job in a hurry, you’re more likely to make hasty decisions that you may regret further down the line.

Take note of any lessons learned in previous properties and don’t be afraid to make mistakes - trial and error will likely be required if you want to create a space that’s a true reflection of your tastes. Remember to have fun with it!

5. Follow my tips for choosing designer dining chairs

Designer dining chairs will provide the finishing touches to your new dining room and will also affect how you and your dinner guests feel while eating. With so many different styles to choose from, picking the right one can seem daunting. This Seasonsincolour article will help you make the right choices.

6. Be smart about your soft furnishings and rugs

Area rugs cover a large space in any room and can help you bring a scheme together, much like the colour on your walls. Wether you opt for monochrome, multicoloured or patterned, we have a fantastic list of UK suppliers of rugs and carpets that will surely come handy when you are trying to style up any new space.

7. Use Functional Designer Pieces as Home Décor

Decorating with functional items is a smart way to elevate your home design in every room. From fancy looking electric kettles to designer wall clocks, there are certain products that every home needs that can also double as decor. This Seasonsincolour article will give you a ton of ideas around this topic.



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