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How to design the perfect dressing room

In the symphony of daily life, our homes play the role of both stage and sanctuary. As we navigate the bustling cadence of our routines, there's an often-overlooked crescendo that has the potential to harmonize and elevate our every moment – the organization of our personal spaces.

Today, we embark on a journey of inspiration and transformation as we delve into the realm of home organization, with a spotlight on the unsung hero that is the dressing room. There’s few things more indulgent than having your own dressing and make-up area that’s tailored to you.

Join us on this journey as we discover how a well-designed dressing room can not only declutter our physical spaces but also declutter our minds, setting the stage for a life that feels beautifully composed, one outfit at a time.

In this article, we will cover


dressing room design

Fashion stylist Erica Davies designed her dressing room with the help of Neville Johnson

Prioritise organisation

Imagine stepping into a space where chaos gives way to order, where the morning rush transforms into a serene ritual, and where each piece of clothing tells a story of style and purpose. The dressing room, often dismissed as a luxury, holds the key to unlocking a world of positivity, efficiency, and aesthetic delight within the very fabric of our homes.

It's a canvas upon which we paint the hues of our personal style, a haven of tranquility amidst the clamor of modern living, and a testament to the transformative power of intentional organization.

What is intentional organization?

This simply means organizing the space in line with your specific needs. For example, you may need more ways to store or display bags and shoes and less for hanging clothes.

Incorporating storage into your design means you can get the most out of the space on offer. You may wish to add wardrobes with plenty of hanging space and doors or you may prefer mostly drawers for your shoes and for clothes that fold. 

If you have a large selection of accessories, you can build custom displays for your jewelry or your designer watches from the likes of TAG Heuer. You can find beautiful boxes that can be locked, from a traditional jewelry box to a statement-making display case. 

Make sure that you leave plenty of space for navigating between the shelves to avoid the room feeling cluttered and claustrophobic. 

dressing room design

Focus on lighting

The next stage of your planning process should be to focus on lighting. You’ll need enough light to be able to browse your possessions with ease while aiming for ambience in the room. 

Layered lighting is the solution. Utilise dimmable bulbs in the ceiling to create a soft glow, ideal for a relaxing atmosphere. Brighter spotlights can be set into the wardrobe to illuminate your clothes.

Complex lighting is the secret to good interior design, so featuring different types of lights will also give the room a luxury edge. It should incorporate wardrobe inner lights as well, as otherwise shadows will make it impossible to find clothes at the back.

At your dressing table, good lighting is key to avoiding make-up mishaps: consider investing in a mirror with LED lights to provide clarity without disturbing the overall atmosphere. 

dressing room design

Be creative with furniture

Space is likely to be in short supply in your dressing room, so be creative with furniture to make the most of what you have

Rather than having a traditional wardrobe, try running a rail along one side of the room and fitting drawers beneath. This will keep the space feeling bigger and more open and will encourage you to keep things organized. 

You could also experiment with floating shelves instead of bulky cabinets to maximise wall and floor space, moveable trollies, and tables that fold out of the wall.

dressing room design

Dressing room design - Add personal flair

Finally, remember that this is your private space so embrace the freedom to add personal flair! From the trendy colour schemes to the furniture styles, you can turn this into your perfect paradise. 

To achieve a truly elegant finish, however, make sure that your design has one consistent theme. If you mix and match styles, embrace an obvious palette like monochrome. Alternatively, stick to one clear style like minimalism or Art Deco and get experimental with colour to lift the look.

Should I add a dressing room in my home?

Homes with well-designed and functional dressing rooms can potentially have a higher resale value. Prospective buyers may see a dressing room as a desirable feature, adding to the overall appeal of the property.

Depending on the size and design of the dressing room, it can serve multiple purposes. For example, it could double as a home office, a quiet reading nook, or a space for yoga and exercise.

Proper storage and organization in a dressing room can also help extend the lifespan of your clothing and accessories. Items are less likely to be damaged, wrinkled, or lost, leading to less frequent replacements and a more sustainable wardrobe.


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