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Smart furniture solutions for the bedroom and home office

There was a time when we didn't have IKEA and made to measure furniture did not cost an arm. Calling a carpenter to make you a wall cabinet or bookcase was normal. Well it feels that the market has matured enough that we now once more have offerings of highly customisable furniture ranges that work in bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens and can help you maximise the use you get out of each room.

If there is one lesson we all learned the hard way in 2020 is that our homes are not really equipped to be used as both home and work-place. In the endless Zoom, Teams and Webex calls I attended, I saw people work in all sorts of rooms - kitchens, small and big bedrooms as well as offices and attics. Homework piled sky high next to clothes or exercise equipment.

It has definitely made me re-consider how rooms should be designed to double up as and when needed and cater for the multiple needs of their occupants. With that in mind I have looked into one particular vendor, Scan Furniture Solutions who specialise in this space. Working with their primary manufacturers JJP, a company based in Tarragona Spain and in operation since 1987, SFS create designs that can stand the test of time, are multi functional but also reasonable in price.

Of course, do not expect IKEA prices, IKEA furniture are not customisable and you just get what you see in the catalogue. With someone like SFS you can play with the material, finish and design that will work around you and your family's lifestyle.