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It's OK to take things SLOW right now

I am not going to lie, I feel rather deflated. That Jupiter and Saturn entering Aquarius is not doing much to lift my spirit for sure. With the announcement of yet more measures to keep everyone at home, I know that you, like me, might be feeling anxious, upset, and tired. I get you. And the thing is, you don't need to put together an image of perfection and keeping it together, definitely not to satisfy the curiosity of strangers on the gram who DON'T REALLY MATTER as they are not really part of your life (with all do respect for followers on the social media platform).

I'd like to assure you that most of us feel the same, no matter the background and financial means. Those who appear to be doing better than others financially may also have larger financial exposure or other existential problems that we are not aware.

During this time it is easy to judge. It is easy to take a step in the wrong direction.

Unless you see someone taking advantage of others (and if you do, call them out!) try to be kind and if you have to judge,

judge gently

It's OK to take things SLOW. To spend more time with your thoughts.

To do less exercise and watch more TV, if that makes you feel better.

To have that piece of cake.

If that makes you feel better, do it.

I know I am. I spend some time in the garden daily, not doing much at all if I am honest. Mostly I look at the plants that I bought a month a go and which are still above ground, and plot about where they should go, yet they are still in their pots. It is OK.

I look at the string of lights I removed 2 months ago and which I was planning to put up around the shed, yet it is still on the deck, and one bulb that was missing has yet to be replaced. It is OK. we will survive even if the shed does not have lights all around.

It took me precisely 4 weeks to paint the kitchen tiles. I think this was quite the achievement.

It did not walk 10,000 steps every day.


I do have plans and I continue to look ahead with optimism but also realise that life is too short to always trying to catch up with the 'must dos'. A final word of advice.

Comparison is the killer of joy

Live life at your own pace. If you need to leave the 'gram for a while, do so. Maybe dip your toes in it every now and then, but without being on it all the time if it gives you bad vibes.

This is a time for self-reflection, hibernation...



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