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My 10 takeaways from Chelsea Flower Show 2017

The Chelsea Flower Show is a world renown annual show run by the Royal Horticultural Society that covers everything about the garden and outdoors spaces and takes place in London's trendy Chelsea area. Here, some of the best brands with a link to gardening and the outdoors exhibit everything from flowers and plants, to furniture, lifestyle products, home accessories and fashion (and much more!).

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is an iconic event that has been held in the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea in London every year since 1913, apart from gaps during the two World Wars. Once Britain's largest flower show, it has now been overtaken by RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, though it is still the most prestigious.

There is something for everyone in this show and it is often treated as day out with the family as there are hundreds of stalls with food delicacies, bands playing music and a general uplifting vibe - it must be all the pretty flowers!

During the show a number of landscape and garden designers create magnificent settings of around 30-60sqm each (some have more) - the "Show Gardens". You can look at them but not walk through them unfortunately. Luckily I have captured a few so you can feast your eyes on some designer gardens! So here are My 10 takeaways from Chelsea Flower Show, that can help YOU create magnificent outdoors spaces.


1. Paths and Patios

Paths and patios will define the area in which you can then plant as well as the area where you can relax or entertain. Besides their practical purpose of joining various spaces around your garden, paths can be a design feature of their own, and when done well, can be really impactful.

In the photo below, there's ample green space around this sitting area. The plants are allowed to almost overgrow around the concrete wall. You would be forgiven for thinking this garden had been growing there for years. In fact it is less than a week old!