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Nora mattress review

Nora mattress review, kids room with blue wall robots and a duvet cover with stars

One of the best products you can ever buy for yourself and your loved ones is a good mattress. We spend so much time in bed, there is no point in sleeping on a bad one. Fact!It can really help with your sleep quality, improve (or not!) your posture and even determine how your mood will be when you wake up in the morning. If you got to this post while researching mattresses, great!

Here's what happened when a few months ago I set out to buy a mattress the traditional way.

A few month's ago...

I will admit it. The kid's mattress had seen better days. The mattress protector I was using when he was younger was not very...waterproof. I cleaned up the mess and moved on and kept thinking that one day I should change it. I WOULD change it. But that was... 2 years ago? Or could it be three? Slightly stained, tired and oh-so-heavy that it made changing the bedsheets a nightmare, that mattress needed to go. That was clear.

So I did what all modern parents do when deciding something for their kid. I asked the kid's opinion. And then visited a showroom with him. The experience was not great. I was looked on by an impatient floor assistant (and other customers for that matter!) while trying to pretend I was sleeping for around 10 seconds on each mattress. All mattresses felt the same.

The kid on the other side wanted to try the mattresses in a, let's say, more aggressive kind of way (he wanted to check for bounce).

I am not sure what my takeaway was from the experience. I would not repeat it. I would advise against it if you asked me. And what could less than a minute of awkward laying on a store bed tell me about the mattress? And would it even matter what I thought, if it was the kid that would ultimately sleep on it? Surely there was an alternative?