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One of the best products you can ever buy for yourself and your loved ones is a good mattress. We spend so much time in bed, there is no point in sleeping on a bad one. Fact!It can really help with your sleep quality, improve (or not!) your posture and even determine how your mood will be when you wake up in the morning. If you got to this post while researching mattresses, great!

Here's what happened when a few months ago I set out to buy a mattress the traditional way.

A few month's ago...

I will admit it. The kid's mattress had seen better days. The mattress protector I was using when he was younger was not very...waterproof. I cleaned up the mess and moved on and kept thinking that one day I should change it. I WOULD change it. But that was... 2 years ago? Or could it be three? Slightly stained, tired and oh-so-heavy that it made changing the bedsheets a nightmare, that mattress needed to go. That was clear.

So I did what all modern parents do when deciding something for their kid. I asked the kid's opinion. And then visited a showroom with him. The experience was not great. I was looked on by an impatient floor assistant (and other customers for that matter!) while trying to pretend I was sleeping for around 10 seconds on each mattress. All mattresses felt the same.

The kid on the other side wanted to try the mattresses in a, let's say, more aggressive kind of way (he wanted to check for bounce).

I am not sure what my takeaway was from the experience. I would not repeat it. I would advise against it if you asked me. And what could less than a minute of awkward laying on a store bed tell me about the mattress? And would it even matter what I thought, if it was the kid that would ultimately sleep on it? Surely there was an alternative?

Present day...

Disclosures first: the mattress I am about to share with you was gifted to us for review purposes.

I was very excited to be asked by Wayfair, one of the world’s largest online retailers of home furnishings and décor, to try out Nora, the all new and affordable premium foam mattress-in-a-box; promising the best quality sleep experience at the best value, and backed by Wayfair UK’s commitment to customer-service excellence.

Wayfair and I go way back (making it sound like we're old friends now). I have worked with them on many occasions, but I have also often bought products from them (remember the Safavieh bedside tables in the master bedroom and the Safavieh table lamps in the living room? All Wayfair).

I love browsing their website because their broad range of home products enables me to find just the right thing (unique, great quality finds for any room and some of the best sales out there, every week). And their app is reliable and fast, making it easy to shop for the home on the go.

Mattress in a box

Now, mattress in a box is not something completely new and in fact we have tried one before and it was a very positive experience for us. In fact, I wish they made them 15 years ago when we moved into our first property, a cute 2 bed maisonette flat in trendy Fulham. The day that I had to help my husband push/pull a king size spring mattress to the second floor of our flat via a spiral staircase, will forever be engraved in my memory (never again!).


Nora comes in a variety of sizes so make sure you measure your bed before ordering. It was engineered using sophisticated sleep technology to deliver an outstanding rest. Four layers of foam provide an optimal balance of support and pressure relief, while the cooling cover regulates body heat better than other mattresses, providing a cooler surface for the best sleep possible. Here's what you get:

  • Firmness: Medium

  • Core Construction: Memory foam

  • Roll-up: Yes

  • Flippable: No

This mattress conforms to the natural shape of the body, but when you get up it goes back up. What you will notice immediately is that it is quite deep, in fact deeper than our current memory foam. And that is due to one extra layer of cooling foam at the top, which draws heat away from your body and out of the mattress.

It also comes with a unique quilted cover woven with natural cooling properties. For some reason, when you touch this top layer, it does not feel dry - your hand slides beautifully on it as if it is waxed (I cannot describe it better I am afraid!).

Did the kid like it?

At this point, the kid wanted any mattress at all to be honest. But when he saw Nora, he did comment on the depth of it first (25cm deep). The feeling of sleeping on a foam mattress versus a spring mattress is something you notice immediately. Although there were no specific comments, he did not complain about it. And in kids terms, I think this means a "thumbs up".

What I liked about it

Sneakily, I had a little siesta on the kid's bed last week, you know, to try it out. I found Nora a little firmer than my current memory foam mattress but that was fine with me. As I like sleeping on my tummy, foam mattresses feel better than springs and the cooling effect of the top layer meant that despite it being a very hot day, I did not sweat.

I liked the quilted cover but once you cover it what really matters is how you sleep. And I did sleep well.

The other obvious point is the price. Nora is currently £120-250 cheaper than other brands. There is an introductory promotional price of £359 (20% off the regular price of £449) for a double size mattress while a single starts at only £279.99 (with the 20% off).

Added on that, you have a 100-night risk-free trial for your Nora. You don't like it ? You send it back (but I don't think you will, you'll love it!). I would not change anything about it, but I do have to buy a few more fitted sheets that are deeper and more suitable for the new mattress.

So what do you think? Will you turn in?

Where to buy it

You will only find the Nora Memory Foam mattress on Wayfair, which is great news because that means fast delivery and great customer service. But be quick! It looks like these new mattresses are currently rolling off the shelves faster than you could say memory foam!

Still not sure? Read more reviews about Nora.


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