Room designer - home office with mid century vibes

Having your very own office at home can be a luxury for many. And with remote working and flexible working arrangements becoming the new norm, it has never been more relevant to have a go at creating your little sanctuary for work or study. Especially one that will feature mid century furniture like a vintage Danish mid century modern chair.

In early 2020 flexible working arrangements were still a hush-hush. You could ask to work from home a day per week, but you would often be told to not make a big deal out of it, for we couldn't then have all employees asking for the same treatment could we?

Roll on the middle of 2020 and now most employers including RBS have announced that their staff will not be going back to the office at least until the new year. So what was meant to be a temporary solution is now semi permanent and you are realising you need to get a space organised to resemble an office.