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Having your very own office at home can be a luxury for many. And with remote working and flexible working arrangements becoming the new norm, it has never been more relevant to have a go at creating your little sanctuary for work or study. Especially one that will feature mid century furniture like a vintage Danish mid century modern chair.

In early 2020 flexible working arrangements were still a hush-hush. You could ask to work from home a day per week, but you would often be told to not make a big deal out of it, for we couldn't then have all employees asking for the same treatment could we?

Roll on the middle of 2020 and now most employers including RBS have announced that their staff will not be going back to the office at least until the new year. So what was meant to be a temporary solution is now semi permanent and you are realising you need to get a space organised to resemble an office.

So how do you style an office space and what type of furniture should you choose if you particularly like the mid century interiors style?

Let's see where you should look for mid century modern, vintage and original pieces for your desk or chair, mid century shelves or a Danish teak sideboard to complement your office room design.

Ideas for Mid Century style Office Decor

At minimum you should focus on finding a mid century desk, from the 50s or 60s. There are plenty such pieces on eBay which is where we found our Captain's desk below for our mid-century inspired office makeover.

  • The desk was restored with a brand new leather top too and is complemented by a mid century inspired chair and a contemporary Anglepoise lamp.

  • In the room we also have a vintage Danish sideboard and a reproduction Danish dining chair.

  • The Enigma wallpaper by Farrow & Ball is also 40s inspired.

Image: Seasonsincolour

Image: Seasonsincolour

Image: Seasonsincolour

Carmel Mid-Century Residence by Studio Schicketanz

Image Credit

Image credit

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Mid Century Style

This interiors style has been growing in popularity in recent years, along with demand for more sustainability and reuse of vintage pieces that are available in places like eBay.

As with any choice when buying furniture, you should think how well a piece will fit in with your lifestyle and whether it literally fits within the room it will be placed.

Why go for vintage pieces

  • Vintage pieces are available in great prices (and you can even haggle for a markdown, or look on places like Facebook Marketplace).

  • They are also pre-used and they will no doubt have marks and scuffs which is all part of their character and that is absolutely fine because you don't have to worry whether you or your kids will mark or scuff. Life is too precious to worry about things like this in the first place.

Mid century office furniture

If you buy a mid-century desk or cabinet, it is likely to be made of teak which is a tropical hardwood tree species.

Teak is very durable which makes it particularly attractive for outdoors furniture. Its strength and resilience means that its longevity is unparalleled and that's why so many pieces of vintage furniture still look as good as new.

So buying vintage mid-century office furniture

  • is ethical and promotes sustainability

  • reduces landfill waste with vintage pieces going to new homes

  • when restored well, is likely to last you longer than more contemporary pieces.

Original Vintage Retro Mid Century Danish Style Teak Desk / Dressing Table By Frank Guille For Austinsuite, VINTERIOR

Vintage Danish Teak Desk By Gunnar Nielsen Tibergaard, 1960s, VINTERIOR

1960s armchairs by Kinnarps, CHASE & SORRENSEN

How to maintain your mid century furniture

Obviously this only applies if you are buying an original piece from the 50s-60s. All such pieces require maintenance and some sellers can restore a piece for you. You should aim to treat your mid century vintage furniture to ensure it stays in perfect condition.

  • Start by using a mild soap and warm water to remove dust and grime

  • Rinse with a clean cloth.

  • You can dry the surface with another cloth and then leave it to dry completely.

  • If your piece is very worn, you can sand with fine 150-grit sandpaper and then clean and dry the surface before adding a sealant. If your piece is made of teak, VINTERIOR who are real experts in these pieces advise against adding an oil on top.

Best sources for vintage Mid Century furniture in the UK


Mid century styled interiors will not go out of fashion soon. If you are designing your office makeover at home, buying vintage pieces from the 40s and 50s is environmentally friendly and will keep you on trend too. With our best sources for mid century modern furniture above, you will be sure to find a piece that you will love for years to come.


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