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The Seasons diary - March 2018

I thought I'd start a new series of monthly posts - something like a diary of sorts, to share what's happening behind the scenes, as well as some extra shots that don't make it here. Of the latter, I am realising that I share a VERY SMALL amount of what I actually shoot on a weekly basis. There's so much I could be showing you but, honestly, it would take ages to load a single blog post if I shared more than 15 photos!

The living room

Early in March I took these living room photos for my Instagram account. A lot of you ask who helps me with my photos. The answer is: the tripod and timer! Which also explains why I have to take so many photos (most of them are just a tiny bit blurry or not great angle).

DFS and the EDEN Sofa

During March, I gave the DFS X SOFA WORKSHOP Eden sofa a lot of love and it bloody deserved it. Not only is the colour ace, the fabric itself has turned out better than I expected.

DFS and I have a relationship that goes back year (waaaay before I started blogging). You can see my first DFS sofa in this post about our rental flat in Fulham which had a fab Farrow and Ball Mole's Breath makeover).

When we decided to move out of Fulham, we got the Gower sofa (see it in this post) from the DFS collaboration with Country Living magazine. It was big (a 4-seater), deep and we snoozed perfectly on it.

Queue September 2017, and that's when the Gower was replaced with the EDEN. The only negative is that you cannot put your head on the armrest. It's fine for me as I still fit in it but hubby did complain that I should not have chosen a sofa with tall armrests (it also makes the sofa feel boxy but that's part of the design!

DFS actually gifted us this sofa (I was a bit worried and wondered whether I should accept. It's an expensive piece after all, and I have to pay income tax on it. Because nothing is really free).

I sometimes wonder why two competitors (Sofa Workshop and DFS) would actually collaborate. But I am glad they did, because this sofa comes in amazing colours and you can get it with instalments via DFS, and pay back in as much as 4 years with interest free credit.

I am still uncertain about the space over the sofa. As an interim solution I put up the roses painting but it's rather small. I am not sure I want to go back to a gallery wall though. The end result is a little cheap I feel and I want this space to feel more lux. Looking to install plain wallpaper or grasscloth effect all around the room. What do you think?

EDEN SOFA from DFS and Dutchbone side tables walls in Conrforth white

EDEN SOFA from DFS and Dutchbone side tables walls in Conrforth white

Cushion update - tribal

At the end of March I also got some cushions from H&M and this scarf from Zara and totally rocked the tribal trend. See how easy it is to update your sofa, just with cushions?

For those interested, the AMAZING side tables are by DUTCHBONE and are available on Houseology. You can get them here. The photos on the Houseology website don't do them justice. They have the best glossy brass. Really reflects light.

Also please to report that I am still very much loving the coffee table I snapped at La Redoute's November 40% off sale.

Master bedroom shots

With longer (and a little sunnier days) I managed to take more bedroom photos. I accessorised the bed with Margo Selby cushions which I got in her sale (£35 each) and which also look great on my grandma's armchairs which are currently recovered expertly by my husband... seriously, I married the RIGHT guy, he's super smart and very hands on. Ahem.

Towards the end of March, I also snapped two H&M terracotta and pink cushions, shown below.

Margo Selby cushions on a bed that is upholstered pink and Denim Drift walls

More photos of flowers

March was really good for having flowers around the house. In addition to shooting pics of these Bridgman flowers, I also got LOTS of real flowers on Mother's Day. That was completely unexpected as the boys did not hint at getting me anything, then showed up with baskets and bouquets. Sweet!

The Bridgman Faux flowers (I wrote about them in this post) tied with a Hermes scarf. And you can tell I like my Margo Selby cushions!

Dining Room

Another room that needs summer light to look its best, is the dining room. I tried not to go high on ISO in order to get decent photos, because they always come out really grainy. Unfortunately, the altogether bad weather did not help at all.

So what do you think of these extra photos? And would you like to see more of my own home on here?



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