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Shopping | 10 things I want from ZARA

Every time I return to ZARA Home, there are always 10 things I could buy on the spot. I literally have to restrain myself from venturing in their shop over in Bluewater. Here's what caught my eye this week.

1/ Double border mirror, £39.99, this is large enough to put one on either side of your bed, a little higher that your bedside table. And at that price it is an absolute bargain.

2/ Multicoloured painted vase, £39.99 - Blue is making up a big part of the colour spectrum for Zara's latest collection and I love how this ethnic vase incorporates some ethnic tones as well. I would also consider this for an outdoors space.

3/ The gold metal vase, £29.99 - This is pure luxury and it's unique shape will make it look more expensive than it is.

4/ Geometric structured table with glass top, £149.99. ZARA always comes up with small occasional furniture in very interesting shapes and this is no exception. But it is a little more pricey than I would have expected. Maybe better at £119.99?

5/ Wide stool with braided seat, £119.99. I really like the rounded feet on this one. The style is perfect for a Scandi infused home and the seat seems robust enough. Again, as for the price, the smaller size was £69.99 so would have expected the large one to be a maximum of £89.99. This one would really push me to buy it, especially as for styling I would need to choose a pair.

6/ Lamp with clear base, £119.99. A beautiful piece, I like the clear class with the simple gold rod inside, these lamps are great for bedside luxury.

7/ Black cutlery set with distressed effect, from £7.99. Black on the table is getting more airtime, I like the rough look of these but not sure how they would withstand dishwashing.

8/ Black floran print apron, £19.99. Maybe I should have bought a black apron ages ago, because I do cook a lot from scratch and do wear one often and wipe my hands on it even when they're a bit oily, and you can see that on the current white (!!!) one I use (from Thornback & Peel).

9/ The two tone cushion cover, £29.99. Another gem for the Scandi home.

10/ Rattan magazine rack, £39.99. A nice touch next to your sofa for all the (interiors) magazines. Easy to carry around too!



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