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Styling Tips That Make a Difference When Decorating a Living Room With Recliners

Recliner chairs are a staple in most homes due to their comfort and functionality. They can be used for watching tv, reading, sleeping, or simply relaxing, and come in various shapes and sizes, making it easy to find one that will fit perfectly into your home, whatever your style.

You may be wondering if a recliner chair is still a trendy product to have around. Can a tv chair recliner add to the style of your living room while also providing comfort during a movie night? And what is the best way to style your living room with recliners?

This post reveals some tried and tested tips to answer these questions and many more and will help you identify some of our favourite spaces featuring recliner chairs!


Understand the difference between chairs

You must understand the different types of chairs to choose the best fit for your living room.

Dining chairs

The dining chairs, for example, are there for a specific purpose. You will normally only use them during a meal. Therefore, when choosing a dining chair design and aesthetics can win over comfort.

Lounge chairs

A lounge chair is one where you can relax and probably use for reading but unlike the recliner, it does not tilt back and it's one where eventually you may not feel very comfortable in.


With its adjustable features and comfortable design, recliners provide a great way to relax after a long day. Not only are they stylish but they also provide the perfect spot for you to unwind and enjoy some much-needed rest. Recliners must be able to tilt backwards mechanically or electrically or come slightly angled backwards. They will also usually have an extendable footrest so that they can support your whole body.

vidaXL Stand-up Recliner Dark Gray Fabric

Introduce coziness

While most trends focus on aesthetics, we shouldn't forget that our homes are designed to accommodate us. The furniture we choose should be comfortable and aid in our relaxation.

Some homeowners will hide their recliners and try to replace them with "intelligent" or more trendy choices. The truth is that traditional recliners might look bulky. But homeowners should no longer think that way. Planning your home for function and comfort should be your top priority, and your furniture choices should reflect that.

A cozy recliner chair that overlooks the fireplace or the outdoors is an excellent addition to your living room. With the press of a button, your recliner can tilt back and allow you to take a quick nap. More advanced models also come with massage features and some are 'stand-up' models, meaning that they can self elevate and tilt forward to allow you to get out of them easily (perfect for those with back problems).

Recliners are a great way to give yourself a much-needed break after a long day. Whether you’re looking for an ergonomic chair to support your back, or one with adjustable settings, there is a recliner out there that can fit your needs. Recliners offer comfortable seating and let you relax in style while reducing stress and fatigue. So a recliner is the perfect addition if you want to pamper yourself in the comfort of your home.

Home Theater Recliner Sofa White Faux Leather

Design choices based on your needs

Until recently, the purpose of your living room usually dictated the furniture choices. If the space was more formal, this reflected on the style of the sofa and armchairs used and their fabric. But more recently, living spaces seem to be designed around what others might want to see in your space! An odd idea but we have social media to thank for this.

However, your space doesn't have to look like those Instagram pictures. And you shouldn't feel uncomfortable in your own home.

Things take another direction when you design your home around your family's needs. Furniture comfort will matter when you want to gather in front of the TV and enjoy spending quality time. A cozy sectional that allows you to sink in is the ultimate choice for a living room. To provide more seating space, add two or more comfy recliners.

Recliner styling

When designing your home around comfort, don't follow the latest trends. Making your house feel up-to-date is okay, but make sure not to sacrifice comfort. The recliners have a specific aesthetic that you can work to fit into your home style. They tend to look bulky, but you can master the skills and make them work in your living room.

Use symmetry

One of the great ideas to style your recliners is to bring symmetry. Two chairs on both sides of a fireplace contribute to a balanced look.

Create a zone

The recliners can be a separate seating area. No matter their purpose, you can add a side table to make the setting look more intentional.

Personalise the recliners

Personalizing the recliners to fit your style doesn't have to be too difficult. Knitted blankets add a dose of texture, while fluffy pillows enhance comfort. Feel free to add throw pillows in your signature style.

Create a reading nook

Find a quiet and peaceful spot in your home and let it become your reading nook. It is a place where you want to relax and unwind, so comfort should be your utmost priority. This is where a recliner comes in handy. Add a side table, so you have a place to drop your coffee mug and book. A floor lamp will make reading easier and add a touch of style to your new reading nook.

vidaXL Reclining Chair Gray Faux Leather

Buying a recliner

Finding the perfect recliner chair can be a challenge. With so many shapes, sizes, and styles to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. But with the help of a few key considerations and a bit of research, you'll soon be enjoying the perfect recliner for your home.

Function over form

Before deciding on the recliner you want to buy, consider a few things. First, remember that comfort and style might not always go together. The most comfortable recliners might not have the modern appeal you need. But sacrificing comfort for style isn't justified.

Testing your recliner

Before purchasing that piece, make sure to test it first. Sit down and check if the recliner feels comfortable enough to become part of your living room design. Try it in various positions to make sure you feel comfortable. The chair should feel comfortable when you're sitting upright and when it is reclined. Try a few different designs before you make the final decision.

Consider the fabric

It's useful to buy a leather chair but what if you don't like its cold feel during the winter months? And maybe you want a light fabric recliner but what if you have young kids that might accidentally stain your brand new chair? Think about your current needs to make sure you choose a chair that will look and feel good for years to come.



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