Terrazzo Bathrooms

Growing up in a country where all OLD houses featured terrazzo, I have to say when the trend first appeared I feared for the worst. It brought back memories of visiting my grandma in Athens, a beautiful home where every room other than the guest bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and hallway where forbidden to enter. I did enter the dining room once and was amazed by all the crystalware that featured on the table and credenza... And her bedroom was filled with exquisite little bottles of perfume.

Terrazzo is a composite material, poured in place or precast, which is used for floor and wall treatments. It consists of chips of marble, quartz, granite, glass, or other suitable material, poured with a cementitious binder (for chemical binding), polymeric (for physical binding), or a combination of both. After it is cured it is ground and polished smooth or otherwise finished to produce a uniformly textured surface (1).

Terrazzo as we know it today originates from Italy and specifically the 18th century pavimento alla Veneziana (Venetian pavement) where workers placed marble fragments next to each other in a mortar base. So basically is all about pieces of stone that are bonded to a cement bed. It is considered a sustainable flooring material as when first introduced, it was a way of using stone offcuts so nothing would go to waste.

Today's post is all about using terrazzo in the bathroom. Here are some incredible spaces that I found products you could use to replicate the look.


Below: Bathroom for a London townhouse, 2015 by Waldo Works

Product used: Marmoreal White slab, 2 cm thickness, honed finish

Photo, Tom Teasdale

Below: Bathroom for a Paris apartment, 2015, Marmoreal White slab, 2 cm thickness, honed finish. Photo, Brian W. Ferry, dzekdzekdzek.com

Shop the look: Geberit Sigma30 Dual Matt black Flush Plate, £74, Bathroom Village | Bottle Trap (Matte Black), £101.76, Methven

Pair of bathrooms in a New York residence, 2015, designed by RP Miller, product used: Marmoreal White tiles, 60 x 60 x 2 cm, honed finish and Marmoreal Slab Basin, Medicine Cabinet and Toilet Paper Holder. Photo, Brian W. Ferry. Marmoreal bathroom furniture challenges the rationale for the mass standardization of sanitaryware, provoking reflection on our bathroom rituals and relationship to that intimate space.

Shop the look: Brushed Brass Bathroom Bin, Tina Frey Designs, Amara | Crosswater MPRO Wall Mounted Basin 2 Hole Set | Crosswater MPRO Toilet Brush Holder in brushed brass

Below: Bathroom for a Laurel Canyon, California residence, 2014 designed by Carter Design. Product used: Marmoreal White tiles, 30 x 30 x 2 cm, honed finish, dzekdzekdzek.com

Photo, Brian W. Ferry

Below: A beautifully rendered "Fairy bathroom" from Behance. You will notice how the design incorporates both chrome and brass fixtures. Interior Designers Studio McGee have commented on this look previously, saying that as long as you keep the same finish fixtures on the same side of the wall you can get away with it.

Get the look: Wall hanging monkey pendant light, SELETTI, Trouva, £260 | Turquoise glass scallop tiles | AYTM oval wall mirror in gold | 7176 Kos 1 Light LED Downlight IP65 Off White ASTRO

Above: Marble 5, 30x30 tiles by www.terrazzo-tiles.com

Above: Cristal 20, 30x30 tiles by www.terrazzo-tiles.com

Above: Marble Large tiles by www.terrazzo-tiles.com

How can you use terrazzo at home

If you like the effect of terrazzo for your floor, there are two ways to incorporate it: it can either be poured in situ or you can use terrazzo effect tiles as shown above. There are so many colour ways to choose from or you can specify a colour of choice for your project.

You can also have furniture like tables and table tops made of terrazzo and then of course you have the accessories: plant pots, mugs... If you are really into it, why not specify a terrazzo sink vanity?

Glamour Paris

Above and below: Zunica Design Australia

Pegase Terrazzo washbasin 40 in Confetti, Tikamoon, £140

Where can I buy terrazzo products for the bathroom in the UK?


(1) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terrazzo

Main image: Terrazzo pattern, María Sanz Ricarte

Email: studio@dzekdzekdzek.com for marmoreal products designed by Max Lamb.


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