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The Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

Lighting is one of the key features in design. It can make a space look soft or harsh, it can create pockets of interest in the room by drawing the attention to the right place, and it can help accentuate a certain ambience. Outdoors lighting should be given the same consideration as indoors lighting and include general, accent and task lights. With summer ahead of us, this is the perfect time to consider upgrading your garden and front porch lights.

Outdoors lights make your home unattractive to burglars

It is said that well-lit homes are less attractive to burglars who wish to move about hidden in the shadows. When your property is lit in the front and back, unwanted guests are less likely to wonder about. If you have a large property with a front garden, you can use spotlights on a timer, that aim upwards towards your property, lighting it up; or add motion detecting floodlights that come up when someone comes too close.

A home with front porch lights sets a welcoming tone

Interior designer Abigail Ahern said in this lighting and design workshop that she adds as many as 13 light sources in each room; she uses lights to evoke different a mood depending on the time of the day. Ahern puts equally a lot of attention on outdoors lighting. For example, a well lit front porch can set a welcoming tone for you and guests.

Do not be afraid to add big lantern like lights to the sides of your front door, although this requires hard wiring and it cannot be easily done. If there is existing hardwiring, use what you have and upgrade tired or rusty (or non working!) lights with something contemporary to increase your curb appeal.

Image Credit: Beneath My Hearth Interiors Blog, Front porch lights makeover