Traditional Christmas Decor (or how to decorate a cabin)

When you feel you want to return to basics and deliver a look that is instantly recognisable. Red and Green are king for this look. Get some tartan in too!

Linen is a natural fabric taken from the stalks of the plant with the same name. Lightweight, breathable and heat regulating, it offers great comfort and is a good option for the hottest days of the year. It is more resistant than cotton and thanks to its natural opaque white colour it retains its colour in the wash. Linen is also quick-drying.

We love this zig zag cable blanket. Wool is a natural fibre obtained mostly from caprine animals (primarily sheep) through a process called shearing. Wool is known for its thermal insulation so it is a good choice to wrap up against the warm as it maintains body heat. It is also an elastic fibre, making it resistant and flexible. It is not easily deformed, so garments made with wool are long-lasting.

All photography: ZARA HOME. Shop the look here


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