Transform Your Bedroom with these Fun IKEA Furniture Hacks

There are many reasons to spruce up your bedroom. Whether you’re moving into a new apartment, rearranging for a new season, or welcoming a new addition to the family, a remodelled bedroom is always a good idea.

Sometimes, you may simply want more space for storage. Whatever the reason, creativity and the use of flexible furniture from IKEA can give you the look you desire. In this article, we’ll take a look at some ways to make your bedroom sparkle.

Revisiting the workspace

If you work from home or prefer a work area in your bedroom, you can create such a space with two simple dressers from IKEA. Researchers discourage the use of a bed as your workspace because, in addition to bad ergonomics, it can affect your sleeping pattern.

If you have space, create your own workstation like Olivia Silk, interiors blogger (Lust Living) did below. Take two chests of Malm drawers from IKEA and place them apart. Make sure the space in between is sufficient for your legs. Then mount a smooth flat board over them and screw in if necessary. Ensure the length fits, so as to avoid tipping over.

Photo credit: Olivia Silk, Lust Living

Give your wardrobe some TLC

If you have wardrobes with flat doors (like the PAX system) have you thought about covering the fronts with wallpaper? This is a 30 minute DIY job that we explain in detail in this post and it can totally transform your room. We used geometric wallpaper from Cole & Son, but the possibilities are endless!

Throw in some rug pillows

Rug pillows - what are they? Just more proof that creativity and IKEA are a dynamic duo. Unlike traditional pillows, rug pillows are longer and pack twice the comfort. Plus, their cosy texture makes you warmer in cold weather.

You don’t need to be a maven with a needle for this pillow hack. Just gather some attractive-looking rugs with various patterns from IKEA, fold and stuff them up, then sew together the edges. There are different patterns to match the ambience of your room. It’s entirely up to you.

Image credit:

Use pretty-patterned pillows as knick-knacks

Sometimes you might have more pillows than you need. Have you ever thought of making them part of the furniture? It may sound absurd, but that’s what creativity is all about.For this, you’ll need a wide-seated stool to accommodate the pillows, as in the picture above.

While there are special tutorials for DIY pillows, we are strong advocates of pushing your own imagination. Just take three or more pillows from IKEA, get out your oil paint and spend the afternoon adding pretty patterns to suit your taste.

Mount a floating credenza

Floating credenzas are not only functional, but give a room an aesthetic value. For example, if you want a TV right at eye level while you lie in bed, a floating credenza can make this possible. It is also useful for storing toys at a child’s height to give them easy access.

Simply take one or two IKEA dressers and mount them no more than a foot or two from the floor. White is usually a good colour, but if you want something different for contrast, do paint it before mounting. The credenza can also serve as a floating media console.

Image credit: Superfront

Gilded bedside table

A bedside table is always convenient for your glass of water or acts as a place to keep your bedtime books, but you can spice-up yours with a little imagination. Add some corbels and gold leaf to give it a luxurious finish.

A fancy lampshade from IKEA will certainly give it a final touch of beauty.In the photo above, the £7 bedside table got a makeover with just a few additions, making it look extra stylish. If your bedroom is a little bit bland, this retouch can give it a boost.

Image credit: Style me pretty

Bedroom balance

In interior décor, balance is a great way to add levity to the look and feel of a room. One way to achieve this is by placing similar items at opposite sides of your bed. For example, two same-sized dressers and lampshades on either side of the bed is perfect for achieving a balanced effect.

The dressers must be twin designs, as must the lampshades. For added quality, put some picture-frames on each dresser. You may not need to make any formal re-fittings unless you want to give the dressers some attractive brass handles. If so, head over to IKEA’s GRUNDTAL Collection.

Image Credit: Dwellings by Devore

After a long day at work, there is no place as relaxing as your own bedroom space. The guys at are passionate about remodelling and you are sure to find some IKEA furniture worth refitting on their site.

Wall bracket hangers

IKEA’s wall brackets might be designed for mounting shelves, but this hack makes them great space savers for hanging your clothes on. When you’re running out of storage space to accommodate your ever-growing fashionista collection, look no further than these style savers. What’s more, being so accessible makes it easier to pick your clothes for the day.

Don’t have wall brackets? No problem - you can buy a rail from the GRUNDTAL Collection and attach it behind your door or in a corner of the room. In fact, there are some DIY videos to simplify things and make it feel like a breeze.

Image credit: IKEA

Convert your drawers to a dresser

This might not be so new to you, but drawers can easily make good dressers when you need extra space. The design is also perfect when you want to give your room a minimalist feel. Get rid of clutter by reducing the space, though this means no heavy vases or frames on the dresser.This can be easily achieved by mounting your drawer on a wall - preferably in the corner of your room.

Like the floating credenza, the dresser will have no legs, providing ample room in which to place other items, or indeed leg room while you work your magic. See more examples here.

Under-bed drawers

Another good use for drawers in storage space is under-bed placement. Instead of throwing items underneath your bed and creating clutter, a drawer-storage area makes it more organised and easier to manage. What’s more, you don’t have to spend extra for this.

If you have a set of old IKEA drawers, separate them and place under your bed. Check that the size is appropriate to avoid making you uncomfortable at night.

It is best to have considerable space between the top of the drawer and your mattress. This is a good place to keep things like old magazines and the like.

Turn an IKEA Kallax into a bedside table

Your traditional bedside table comes with drawers. Ideally, you’ll want to be able to reach out and take what you need without tugging at a creaky drawer. With its four compartments, an IKEA Kallax makes this a lot easier.

Your bedside table can also be useful for storing items (a vase or books for example), which in turn allows for more room space. You can even choose to paint your Kallax with different patterns for a more striking effect.

Wire basket side table

If you like eccentric furniture, you will love this IKEA wire basket hack. Its light and easy look makes it easy to convert into bedside furniture. Ideal for placing your flower vases or other light décor, the wire basket can be set in any part of the room, other than the bedside.

Turn it upside down to hold your vase and place a rounded table top over the upturned base. Give it some flair by painting the wire frames a different colour. The colour of your curtains or carpet can serve as a guide. Find a combo that is most suitable for your room.

Source: oleander & palm

Maximise your bedside corner space

Isn’t this one of the smartest things you’ve seen? Besides serving as a placement for your favourite items, this design makes your bedroom come alive in more ways than one. The step-like plank of partitions can function as a space for storing your books, magazines, picture frames or room fresheners.

If you have run out of horizontal storage space, the stack of dividers allows you to maximise the vertical options. The corner beside your bed is a good choice or you can set it on the wall opposite the door. IKEA’s range of flexible furniture isn’t limited to singular use, but goes as far as your mind can wander.

Image credit: IKEA

Create your own photo exhibition shelf

Instead of fretting over where to put your various photos, you can have them all in one place on an IKEA ledge shelf. This gives your room an art gallery effect that adds to its sophistication. Bare walls also make a room appear more spacious. You can buy the shelf from IKEA.

Image credit: Desert Domicile

Most people aren’t sure where to place ledge shelves. If you have a large room, you can set the shelf anywhere, so long as it doesn’t impede movement. Otherwise, the wall adjacent to the bed is a decent place to put it.

Bar cart nightstand

This is another hack to keep your bedside occupied. The bar cart nightstand- as the name suggests- is the conversion of a bar cart into a nightstand. It features many storage spaces and has a wheel, so you can easily switch its position without needing to lift it.

It might look unusual, but each box in this stand can house anything you need in bed, from books to your phone or mug. Just place them in any of the boxes and there you go! Also, if you are partial to a night snack, you can also keep a box of chocolates close.

Image credit: Homeyohmy

Convert storage cabinets into seating

When it comes to dual functionality, nothing achieves it with less simplicity than IKEA’s cabinets. In addition to being a treasure chest, the top can also serve as a comfortable seating post.This hack is simple: place a cushion over the cabinets and add some throw pillows for comfort.

When you don’t feel like sitting on the bed, you can sit on the cabinets and read the latest sequel of Game of Thrones, should you choose. Alternatively, it can be a perch spot for your tabby- we know how those cats love to laze around!

Modern basket light

With a little creativity, there is no limit to what you can achieve. Making a lampshade out of a basket is not at all far-fetched. The design adds an interwoven pattern to your lighting at night, while providing an eccentric touch to the décor. Your room will always stand out with this hack.

You can make this fixture by cutting a section from the base of an IKEA basket and tucking the pendant light from the ceiling inside it. Be sure to check that it is not too heavy for the cord or it could break. Wire baskets are best,due to the heat for the light (which can affect plastic). However, it is always better to install LED lights.

Image credit: see the full project here.

Make a bed out of a bookcase

If you need an emergency bed, this hack transforms a bookshelf into a bed frame in no time. Of course, the decking is still important, so put it over the frame before you place the mattress over it. The big advantage of the bookshelf frame is the storage space it provides.

For when you want to put away your shoes or clutter of magazines, this storage space can come in very handy indeed. This is not possible with every kind of bookshelf, though IKEA’s five-compartment model is a good example of a proper bed frame. It is smooth and has a level platform for the bed decking.

Image credit: see tutorial here


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