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The UK's most beautiful Christmas Wreaths

No matter how late we are to decorate our Christmas tree inside the house, we are always one of the first around the neighbourhood to hang an evergreen wreath on our front door. And at times, we have gone as far as hang a wreath outside most of our windows too. The wreath is a great Christmas symbol and these days you can find it in a range of materials and colours in most high street shops, as well as your local florists. You can also make one yourself for a truly unique take.

Deck the halls with boughs of holly

Wreaths are an integral part of Christmas traditions. In ancient times, Celts used to celebrate winter solstice and the return of of the sun with boughs of holly (they celebrated 'Yule'). Romans gave branches of evergreen to friends and relatives wishing them health. However the true origin of the wreath is not completely determined and many also attribute it to pre-Cristian Germanic people who gathered evergreen to make wreaths and lit fires as a sign of hope for the new light. Christians then kept these traditions alive.

And as for the circular shape given to them? It is said that this structure originates from the "coronas" (=crowns) that the ancient Romans wore on their heads during festivities. Remember the golden olive tree crowns on Ceasar's head? Something like that.

The circle of the wreath can mean many different things, like eternity, unity and even perfection. It also symbolises the sun. And the use of evergreens symbolizes never ending life.

Another decoration

With these symbolisms long forgotten, the wreath is now a decorating ornament, a creative outlet for those who choose to make their own, and one that can set the tone for the decorations inside your home. It can certainly make you smile, be elegant or cheeky and as for its materials? You can only be limited by your imagination! Here are some DIY examples from blogger buddies (before I also show you what else is available in the high street and well known florists!).

Blogger DIY wreaths