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What Am I Likely To See From A Helicopter Ride - Exciting Gifts!

In the realm of gift-giving, the universal aim is to present friends or family with something that truly resonates.

Gift vouchers and gift cards are excellent for flexibility, allowing recipients to choose what they want, but often, they lack the personal touch. The experience day gifts, on the other hand, offer an opportunity to create lifelong memories. They demonstrate that the giver has taken the time to consider what might excite, inspire or interest the receiver.

Among the myriad of possible choices, helicopter rides have emerged as one of the leading choices for experience day gifts in the UK. What can make these rides so memorable? Depending on the specific route, you might gaze down at your own residence or feast your eyes on renowned UK landmarks and locations, including everything from sports stadiums to racecourses.

helicopter ride exciting gifts

Popular gifts - immersive experiences

When was the last time you received a gift that made your heart race, your adrenaline surge and your spirits soar? Welcome to the future of gifting: it's not about physical objects, but immersive, unforgettable experiences.

A key contender in this field that's becoming more and more popular in the UK is helicopter rides. Offering a truly bird's eye view, it has become an exciting alternative to conventional gifts, particularly for those 'hard to buy for' birthdays.

This type of gift also makes a great present for colleagues leaving your team or recently retiring. Whether the recipient is an adrenaline junkie or someone who has it all and would love to experience something new, a helicopter ride will definitely be something they will remember forever.

helicopter ride exciting gifts

Helicopter rides - do they make exciting gifts?

A helicopter ride is undeniably one of the top-tier experience day gifts.

Depending on the location and route, a helicopter ride could reveal incredible sights - from your house to some of the most iconic landmarks in the UK.

It offers an unparalleled opportunity to gaze down at the hustle and bustle of cityscapes, the majesty of historic landmarks and the serenity of countryside landscapes from a perspective most people never get to enjoy.

Experience landmarks from a unique perspective

You can always customise the flight path of the helicopter to suit the recipient. You could, for instance, fly over Manchester's Old Trafford or Liverpool's Anfield, with a view that even the most ardent football fans would struggle to experience on a typical match day.

Similarly, racecourses like Ascot or Cheltenham look radically different from the sky, the mass of colorful spectators reduced to beautifully vibrant dotting of hues.

For those with a taste for history, flights over the tower of London, the Ironbridge Gorge, or the ancient Stonehenge can create magical moments. Imagine the thrill of viewing the white cliffs of Dover, the gigantic shipyards of Belfast, or the dramatic skyline of London from a bird’s eye view.

Is helicopter flying for everyone?

It's not just the breathtaking vistas that make a helicopter ride a magnificent gift. It's also about the thrill of the experience itself. The anticipation as the rotors start to spin, the ground dropping away, the feeling of hovering above the ground, the exhilaration of flight – these are sensations that stick in the mind long after the journey is over.

So make sure the recipient is not someone who will likely feel afraid of heights!

Capture the moment

To sweeten the deal, many companies offering these helicopter experiences also provide options to capture these precious moments. With professional photos or video packages, the recipient can relive their extraordinary journey again and again.


So, if you are stuck on what to buy for the person who seems to have everything, or simply want to give a gift that goes beyond the conventional, consider the thrilling, awe-inspiring gift of a helicopter ride. It's not just about the destination; it's about the journey and the memories that will undoubtedly last a lifetime.

Whether it's for a birthday, an anniversary, or "just because," a helicopter ride over the UK's spectacular landscapes and landmarks promises a gift that will not just surprise but will elevate the concept of gifting to new heights.

As we look to the future, it's clear that experience-based gifts like these are not just a trend; they represent a shift in our appreciation of meaningful, memorable, and, above all, personal presents. So without a doubt, helicopter rides make exciting gifts.



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