Sleeping on metal

Metal bed frames have seen a tremendous come back with the rise and rise of the industrial and loft look in houses. They are far cheaper to buy than upholstered and divan beds, so you can splash more on the actual matress (because after all, that's what will give you a good night sleep!) they are excellent for guest bedrooms, they are easy to maintain as they do not stain and can be moved around without much trouble. So let me show you how to incorporate a simple black metal frame bed in ANY bedroom style. Any! Let's have a look at a few.



All you would need to achieve the look below is crisp white walls, light coloured flooring or a cream/off-white large area rug and a few accessories. This look focuses on natural material. The sheepskin rug, the wooden flooring, the look should be kept uncluttered both from furniture and accessories. A statement lamp can add interest, but keep the overall colour palette resticted to earthy tones.

This look is perfect for guest bedrooms. The unclattered look will help your guests relax. If you are in the UK you will make them feel like they have traveled further north. And if this style is much different to your own bedroom, you can sneak in here for a little "city getaway" without having to splash any cash on travel! Win-win!

accessorize with...

The Carrington bed by SilentNight is only £210.99 for a double.

Click on the photo to buy it.



This is a bit of everything but it's so effortlessly done. Part vintage, part industrial, part modern and sometimes part kitch, the trick to pull this look is to keep the accessories colour coordinated. In the accessories I chose below from Wayfair to replicate this look, the vintage style Kantha quilt has beautiful warm red colour; the red is slightly replicated on the pillow while the lamp only has red on the shade (or you can try a red base with a plain white/cream shade). You can add your flea finds next to your bed or vintage posters on the wall.

A mid-century chair, next to an antique side table, with a brass wall lamp, with a round rope mirror, with a fiddle leaf fig tree, and a modern rug but with a vintage (ben ourain) style, over wooden floors..

Yes, mismatch that works perfectly!



You can make your black metal bedframe work in a classic setting, so don't be afraid to incorporate it in a bedroom if your home has more traditional feel to it. However, the black colour will give it an edge and will bring your otherwise traditional room more into the 21st century. Immediately below it is combined with black flooring while the walls are kept in a crisp white colour.



Sure enough, the metal frame can even work in a typical coastal styled room. So what if it's not white? That would be so boring and done a million times before (in Cornwall alone).

these also work well in this scheme...



They are so over toys and no longer read colourful books. Keep it cool with a plain metal bed and these edgy cross (plus sign) wall stickers (24 for under £10 on Etsy). Use the Leconfield Bed Frame by Home & Haus, £90.99 for a single (frame only).