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Is this the BEST bedroom colour to aid sleep and induce relaxation?

Before you consider the look of your bed frame, the firmness of your mattress or the TOG (thickness) of your duvet, you need to choose the color that will go on the walls in your bedroom. It has been found that certain colors will help you relax and get into the state needed for sleep fast whereas others, like cyan colour could be blamed for your insomnia. So what is the best bedroom color that will help you sleep like a baby all night long?

Green color helps restore energy

Some colors are better than others in creating a harmonious and calming environment in your bedroom. One such color is green, which happens to be the color that our eyes are most used to. It communicates peace and a safe place to be. Its calming effect on humans make it an ideal color to use in abundance in the bedroom, on your walls and bedding. Learn more about the psychology of green color.

  • It is the color of Spring, of growth and renewal

  • It restores our energy levels

  • It creates a sanctuary away from the stress of modern life

TIP: Avoid green hues that incorporate yellow, like Pantone's lime green 'Greenery'