Is this the BEST bedroom colour to aid sleep and induce relaxation?

Before you consider the look of your bed frame, the firmness of your mattress or the TOG (thickness) of your duvet, you need to choose the color that will go on the walls in your bedroom. It has been found that certain colors will help you relax and get into the state needed for sleep fast whereas others, like cyan colour could be blamed for your insomnia. So what is the best bedroom color that will help you sleep like a baby all night long?

Green color helps restore energy

Some colors are better than others in creating a harmonious and calming environment in your bedroom. One such color is green, which happens to be the color that our eyes are most used to. It communicates peace and a safe place to be. Its calming effect on humans make it an ideal color to use in abundance in the bedroom, on your walls and bedding. Learn more about the psychology of green color.

  • It is the color of Spring, of growth and renewal

  • It restores our energy levels

  • It creates a sanctuary away from the stress of modern life

TIP: Avoid green hues that incorporate yellow, like Pantone's lime green 'Greenery'

Best bedroom colors to use to aid sleep and relaxation | Seasonsincolour interiors ideas and tips | Green color psychology

Above: A simple, soothing, botanical inspired green bedroom by Cate St Hill

Best bedroom colors to use to aid sleep and relaxation _ Seasonsincolour interiors ideas and tips _ Green color psychology

For a similar color try GREEN BLUE by Farrow & Ball

Photo: Casa Botelho. For a similar color try Pearl Colour Dark by Little Greene

Photo: Debenhams Home Range of Bedding. For a similar color try GREEN 02 by Lick Home.

Popular green paints and their brands

Not all greens shades/ hues will be suitable in the bedroom. We suggest avoiding green with strong yellow undertones and anything that feels too lime-y. Below we have set out the 10 most popular shades and their brands. You will notice that most of them less saturated and faded. Almost 'moody'. Indeed the less intense and more faded the colour, the better it is to create a uniform canvas for your bedroom decor.

  1. Cooking Apple Green, Farrow & Ball

  2. Hidley Hole, Little Greene

  3. Spring Valley, Benjamin Moore

  4. Boringdon Green, Little Greene

  5. Aganthus Green, Benjamin Moore

  6. Dirty Martini, Clare

  7. Grassy, Earthborn Paints

  8. Card Room Green, Farrow & Ball

  9. Myrtle Green, Mylands

Green paint from LICK, a UK brand. From £38 for 2.5L

Examples of Bedrooms painted Green

In the photo below, from Australian company Cultiver, the green wall provides a perfect backdrop for pastel pink linen bed sheets. Note that the skirting has also been painted in this example.

Hotel Bachaumont in Paris has bedrooms painted in light green colour.

Below: The color on the wall of this bedroom is Dix Blue by Farrow & Ball, a blue with green undertones which comes across like a dark eau de nil shade. It goes so well with the dusky rose headboard (bed by DFS). Check here for similar pink bed linen. Dix Blue works so well as a pastel colour with brass accessories. The brass wall light is from Matt Alford Studio in New York. I found them through ETSY.

Photo credit: Seasons in Colour

Below: Because green is so relaxing, it is no wonder it is used so much in bedrooms. Below, this bedroom designed by Kim Daenen has a theme wall in Cachemire ‘Vert Olivier’ by Mathys. Look how beautifully the colour works with wooden accessories and the light leather handles on the wardrobes.

Photo credit: Stephanie Duval

Photo credit: Stephanie Duval


Changing the colour on the walls of your bedroom could significantly help you raise your energy levels, leaving you relaxed every morning. One such colour is green, the colour of growth in nature. To create a sanctuary in your home, we suggest using less saturated green hues and avoid yellow undertones in your paint. Combine with neutral colours - beige, pinks and enjoy !