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Launch - IKEA GILTIG Collection

The IKEA GILTIG collection was launched in 2016. Designed in collaboration with fashion designer Katie Eary, the GILTIG collection featured a range of bold and colorful home decor items, including tableware, textiles, and other accessories.

The collection aimed to bring a touch of vibrant and expressive design to IKEA's offerings, showcasing the creative collaboration between the furniture giant and the renowned designer.

This is a Limited Edition available for a few weeks only. Be ready to have your boundaries pushed to the limit. Perfect if you are looking for a seasonal tablescape!

IKEA GILTIG Collection

This new collection is ahead of its time and it's the first time that the retailer has merged fashion with home interiors - maybe a slow start as this has been happening with other, albeit smaller, retailers for years.

Here are some notable pieces from the GILTIG collection:


The collection included a range of dinnerware items such as plates and bowls adorned with Katie Eary's distinctive and colorful patterns. These pieces brought a touch of high fashion to the dining table.


GILTIG featured textiles like cushions and rugs with bold prints, adding a dynamic and expressive element to home decor. These items were designed to make a statement and add a pop of color to living spaces.


The collection included glassware with eye-catching designs, providing a unique and stylish twist to everyday items. Glasses adorned with vibrant patterns added a playful and artistic touch to table settings.

Trays and Serving Dishes

Serving trays and dishes in the GILTIG collection featured the collaboration's signature patterns, making them functional pieces of art for serving snacks and meals.

Storage Boxes

Storage solutions were not exempt from the bold designs of the GILTIG collection. Storage boxes featured Katie Eary's distinctive style, allowing for a fusion of functionality and aesthetics.

Posters and Art Prints

GILTIG extended its influence to the walls with posters and art prints showcasing the collaboration's expressive and colorful designs. These pieces provided an opportunity to bring the collection's bold aesthetic to various spaces.

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