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Launch - IKEA GILTIG Collection



It doesn't get louder than having your tea in a toilet wrapped in eyeballs while holding your cat bearing tea cup wearing red latex gloves. Say what?!! Welcome to the new world of IKEA with GILTIG, their newest collection launching this week. Although the collection, designed by menswear designer Katie Eary, had been announced last year, the time has come and it's here! I checked Croydon's store and, yes, I could pop in tomorrow and get anything I want!

If you like what you see, you need to hurry! This is a Limited Edition available for a few weeks only. Be ready to have your boundaries pushed to the limit. This new collection is really ahead of its time and it's the first time that the retailer has merged fashion with home interiors - maybe a slow start as this has been happening with other, albeit smaller, retailers for years. Next week I am joining Habitat in their launch of Henry Holland's collection.

The look book actually gives us a few great tips on making the collection work in our homes. In this photo, a number of pendant shades have been added together at different lengths. Never mind that your electrician will not see this as a true vision but rather as a potential nightmare and overloading of a single electricity point. But design over practicality, I say!

I can totally get the need for bigger, bolder patterns. But how exactly does this fit in the Swedish way of life? This must be the reason as well that the collection will not be around forever. So are you looking at collectors' items here.

The ombre blue light on the left (£20) looks very much like a Designer's Guild product and yes, if your walls or flooring are white, this will jazz up your room.

Want to go totally funky! Try Farrow & Ball's St Giles on your walls then anything from the collection in your room - it will look awesome #totallyblue

Cushion cover 65x65cm, £5. The fabric is also available pre-cut in 150x300cm for £16

Tea towel, assorted patterns, £7.25 / 3 pack

The world of interiors is completely smitten with the collection, and I am so loving Sara O'Neil's twitter feed below! So, if you're quick, you'll find me at IKEA this weekend!

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