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Industrial meets ethnic in DUTCHBONE

Industrial meets ethnic in DUTCHBONE rattan mirror and black and brass lamp living room ideas

I don't want to bore you with the usual "I saw this piece and my heart skipped a beat" dear reader. I know your time is precious so I will skip to the juicy bits of this post. You love design, and so do I, and I know we both have this magic power of ALWAYS falling for what seems to be the most expensive piece in a collection, catalogue or magazine. How do we do it?! We have good taste, that's all, and an eye for products that have quality written all over them.

Houseology introduces DUTCHBONE

Whether you are an interior designer, stylist or a consumer looking for ways to update your clients' interiors or your own home, it is very likely that you have browsed at the Houseology website. They feature a variety of well known brands like Eichholtz, Tom Dixon, Andrew Martin (and many more), all known for producing high quality furniture and homewares. Some brands invariably cost more than others.

Looking at their latest 'new in' products I came across Dutchbone, a - you guessed it - Dutch company that works the industrial/ethnic look. While this could well have been just another one in a long list of excellent brands, it stood out because it is a lot more affordable than I expected. And I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised too. Their products are edgy and some are even statement pieces. And the team behind the brand seems to be really nice too!

And by the way, this is not a sponsored post, I really liked what I saw on Houseology and thought you'd like to know more about this brand too!

Inspired by travels

Dutchbone claim they make products with a soul. With a signature. Products they discover during their travels. Inspired by the colours of the earth. The last part is definitely obvious as they use warm coloured wood, brass and copper and the end result is just so, well, soulful.