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Scandi look - a simple flat in Stockholm

Ask me what my ideal AirBnB flat looks like and chances are (depending on the time and day) that I will describe it like the flat shown below. The truth is that when I plan to go on holidays, I mostly think of taking time off my stuff (as well as off work) and want something less chaotic than my normal everyday surroundings. And simple as can be.

Eclectic-styled homes are sometimes a hoarder's paradise. Everything has purpose and a place so you rarely throw stuff away. That's a dangerous game to play especially if you are an impulse buyer. And how can you not be - with so much advertising around us. So, yes when I am away from home, I long for places that have the absolute bare essential and nothing more.

Shop the look: For a vintage style mirror try the Ara Mirror - Ivy ( £38-55, Ring Candlestick - Brass by