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Scandi look - a simple flat in Stockholm

Ask me what my ideal AirBnB flat looks like and chances are (depending on the time and day) that I will describe it like the flat shown below. The truth is that when I plan to go on holidays, I mostly think of taking time off my stuff (as well as off work) and want something less chaotic than my normal everyday surroundings. And simple as can be.

Eclectic-styled homes are sometimes a hoarder's paradise. Everything has purpose and a place so you rarely throw stuff away. That's a dangerous game to play especially if you are an impulse buyer. And how can you not be - with so much advertising around us. So, yes when I am away from home, I long for places that have the absolute bare essential and nothing more.

Shop the look: For a vintage style mirror try the Ara Mirror - Ivy ( £38-55, Ring Candlestick - Brass by House Doctor, £17; Tur Storage Basket - Steel Grey by Aquanova, £16. Below: Picture frames from £18,

Bright white floors help wash the rooms in light. There's a lack of carpets on the floor and if I were to choose something, I would go for a very plain jute rug in the bedroom, maybe something in round shape. Mismatched furniture, yet nothing seems out of place. Possibly because there isn't THAT much to be out of place...

Ole Wanscher, Black Edition OW149 Colonial Chair, £1600-1,900 Conran Shop

Simple ceramics in off white mix well with brass. Black and white magazines completely optional.

All photos courtesy of Fantastic Frank Real Estate



The Haywood dining series by, from £69 for a coffee table or £129 for a set of four chairs. For orders over £50, use the code Z34POPX6 for a cool £15 off. This discount code will not expire and you can use it on any product.

From left: Hoa Set of 3 Ceramic Vases, £20 and Normos Metal Stationery Set, Gold, £39, both Ella Doran marble coasters £15.37 via Amara.

Flexible wall lamp in black,, get it here.

Marble and ash food platters,, available here.

Grey cotton throw and bedding,, available here.

Marbled bowls as seen in The Sunday Times, via Mia Fleur Home

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