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2022 Bathroom Trends you need to know

These days it seems that when designing a bathroom anything goes really. From wallpaper to mix and match tiling, to colourful taps, you are only restricted by your imagination when planning around this high traffic area. Looking at what is hot for 2022, the following trends seem to be clear winners.

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1/ Unicorn walls

Yes, you heard right. Unicorn walls are a thing and definitely one that can outlive a phase in your teenager kid's life. Bringing a smile to your face, these playful and whimsical tiles are iridescent creating a striking statement with pastel tones and a soft matt finish to give a softer, muted feel. Find them here: Unicorn Ceramic Tiles by Ca Pietra.

How much will these cost me?

Currently at £69/m2 you can use these to tile just inside a shower (around £300). For a normal size wall (3m long by up to 2.5m high) you are looking at a cost of around £500. If you are working around a tight budget but still want these tiles in your life, you can consider tiling lower (e.g. 1.5m from the floor only if you have a bathtub without a shower) or just tiling behind a basin in an otherwise white painted bathroom.