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4 Ways To Convert Your Shed Into An Inspiring Space

If your garden shed is currently pulling double duty as a dusty storage space, it's time to shake things up. A survey of 2,000 Americans discovered the average person spends just over six hours every week on a hobby. 

Imagine stepping into your little haven, away from the daily grind, just steps from your back door to focus on it. We're talking about more than just reclaiming that forgotten corner of your yard – it's time to turn your humble shed into a space that inspires!

Forget the cobwebs and clutter, and envision a gym, an art studio, a home office, a she-shed, a man cave, or whatever tickles your fancy. Transform your shed into a livable, functional, and downright cool space that becomes an extension of your home.

That shed is more than just a storage space – it's a blank canvas waiting for your creative brushstroke. Channel your inner Marie Kondo, declutter, and imagine these possibilities.


 Ways To Convert Your Shed Into An Inspiring Space

Add windows and natural light

If travel is one of your barriers to hitting the gym daily, consider turning your shed into your own home gym! If you are going to do this, you'll need some natural light to help keep you motivated and inspired.

Adding windows can redefine your shed's interior, making it a place where you'd actually want to spend time. Opt for double-paned windows – not only do they lend a touch of elegance, but they also prove to be a smart investment. How so? They become your crime partners when saving money on future electricity bills.

Installing windows opens up your space to natural ventilation, providing a refreshing alternative to artificial cooling. When the summer months get a bit too toasty, you can even consider throwing in a window air conditioning unit – keeping your shed a comfortable retreat.

Immerse yourself in your favourite tunes

A surround-sound stereo system quickly transforms your shed into a private music studio. Investing in a surround-sound setup with Bluetooth capability gives you the freedom to kick back in a reclining chair, allowing the music to envelop you in a cocoon of inspiration and relaxation.

No more headphones tethering you to your devices – with Bluetooth, your playlist is just a tap away, creating a seamless and wireless musical experience.

Before you start cranking up the volume, consider the acoustics of your space. Check out tips for soundproofing to ensure that your musical haven remains an escape without disturbing the peace of your surroundings (or neighbours). 

Electrify a workspace in your shed

More electricity in the shed means more gadgets, appliances, and technology in your shed-turned-office retreat. Adding power outlets and lights makes your space more functional and extends its usability around the clock and throughout the seasons.

But before you go on a power outlet shopping spree, planning things out is crucial. Think of it as creating a blueprint for the heart and soul of your new office space.

Take a moment to assess your power needs. How many outlets will you need to accommodate your devices and appliances seamlessly? It's a no-brainer – the more, the merrier. 

Now, here's the golden rule – don't DIY unless you're a seasoned pro when it comes to plumbing and electricity. It's not just about convenience; it's about ensuring your shed conversion is up to code and safe. 

And of course, don't start adding electric points unless you have a completely dry space inside - sheds should still be insulated sufficiently to ensure there is no water escaping inside.

Pro tip: You'll be more productive in your home office if you add some wall art in this shed workspace as well.

 Ways To Convert Your Shed Into An Inspiring Space

Create a lush, green escape

Converting your shed into a garden room or greenhouse takes a few simple modifications and essential elements.

Start with electrical wiring to power up your greenhouse, allowing you to incorporate heating systems and UV lighting. With these additions, you'll be able to create and maintain the perfect growing conditions for your plants throughout the year.

Install wall shelves, creating organised spaces for potted plants and flowers. This adds a touch of order and ensures that your green companions are at a convenient height for watering and care.

Don't forget about the importance of sunlight. Install a skylight to maximise natural light and give your plants the sunshine they crave. For the practical side of gardening, set aside a dedicated space for hooks to hang tools and store equipment. 

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