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6 Ways to Prettify Your Patio for Spring-Summer

Warmer and brighter days are headed our way at last! We don't know about you, but we are ready to soak up every second of sunshine that comes along. 

And we can't think of a better way to welcome the warmer sun than by sprucing up the patio.

A livable, well-decorated patio space is going to be a great place to relax and recharge, gather with loved ones, and savor the sunny season.

Here are some great tips to have the patio of your summer dreams!

6 Ways to Prettify Your Patio for Spring-Summer

Light Up the Night

Your outdoor area should transition seamlessly from daytime relaxation to evening entertaining. With the right lighting plan, your patio becomes a versatile space ready for mornings lounging with coffee, afternoon barbecues, and lingering nights under the stars.

String lights overhead and along fences to add instant ambiance once the sun goes down. 

Illuminate seating areas with lanterns on tables or lining steps. For visibility and safety when navigating at night, low-voltage path lighting is a smart addition. And opt for solar fixtures when possible to conserve energy.

Lighting sets the mood - during both daylight and nighttime.

With a mix of fixtures that allow you to see and be seen, your patio stays welcoming long after the sun dips below the horizon. Extend your enjoyment into the twilight hours!

Incorporate Eco-Friendly Decor

How about choosing decor and furnishings that give back to the planet? Search for pieces made from renewable, sustainable materials like bamboo, seagrass, reclaimed wood, or recycled poly lumber.

Consider swapping out older decor for energy-efficient features like solar lamps. Repurpose and upcycle vintage items from flea markets and thrift stores so they can bring joy for years to come. Take pride in crafting an outdoor escape that is in harmony with nature.

With eco-conscious decor, your patio becomes a sanctuary that nurtures you and Mother Earth. A space shouldn't just feel good - it should also do good.

Create Shade with Style

Unless you plan to slather yourself with sunscreen hourly, structures that provide shelter are a must for actually using and enjoying your space during peak sun.

For sophisticated shade, wooden pergolas draped in leafy vines or flowering climbers are gorgeous. 

Beneath a pergola's canopy, even the hottest summer days feel pleasant. Are you seeking more flexibility? Retractable awnings allow you to follow the sun's movement and control shade and light exposure.

Freestanding patio umbrellas are always a smart, adaptable option - just be sure they are designed to withstand wind gusts. 

And don't overlook trees! Fast-growing trees strategically placed near seating areas will provide natural shade as they mature. With the right mix of permanent and movable shade solutions, you can beat the heat and spend all day basking in patio bliss.

6 Ways to Prettify Your Patio for Spring-Summer

Personalize with DIY Projects

What's a better way to infuse personality and homemade charm into your patio than DIY projects? Paint clay pots based on your favorite colors or patterns. Make decorative garden stones using tile shards and concrete mix. Or try making your very own custom flower boxes.

Idea: Upcycle old window frames into unique light boxes.

Raid your recycling bin or thrift stores for items to transform into one-of-a-kind decor. Add handmade wind chimes, colorful stepping stones leading to seating areas, and repurposed containers overflowing with flowers.

The options for easy, affordable DIY ideas are endless! Leave perfectionism behind. Making something with your own two hands rewards you with satisfaction and a patio sprinkled with feel-good customized touches.

Invest in Comfortable Seating

Time to talk about about patio furniture. After all, you need somewhere enticing to settle in and enjoy all the ambience you created!

Comfort is key - deep, plush seats with plush cushions will have you relaxing for hours. Look for durable, weather-resistant pieces made from materials like wicker, powder-coated aluminum, or teak. Wooden Benches from Sloane & Sons are a great option for resistant furniture made from Grade-A teak, a known hardwood that is weather-resistant.

Aim for supportive furniture and plump cushions wrapped in fade-resistant or shower-proof fabric. Don't forget conveniences like side tables, storage ottomans, and speciality trays for holding drinks and snacks. Keep cosy throws on hand for chilly evenings.

With furnishings that cradle and support you just right, your patio becomes a tempting escape each time you catch a glimpse out the window. If you feel like you’re lacking inspiration, you can also explore dedicated websites like Lazy Susan that offer a vast array of furnishing and decor ideas.

6 Ways to Prettify Your Patio for Spring-Summer

Add Colorful Planters

Few patio pick-me-ups are as simple and transformative as fresh greenery and blooms! Potted plants infuse spaces with life and vibrancy. 

We recommend a mix of pretty annuals for seasonal pops of color, along with hardy perennials that return faithfully each year. Nestle containers among your seating areas, or assemble a mixture on side tables. Whenever you are gardening or outside in the sunshine for long periods of time, don’t forget to drink water and take regular breaks! 

When selecting planters, seek out materials like galvanized metal, wood, or concrete that are in tune with your overall aesthetic. Elevate certain pots on stands for visual interest. Most importantly, pick varieties that thrive in the sunlight and environment of your patio. A rainbow of planters inspires joy each time you see their cheer. 

When your flowers and plants grow fuller, so will your patio - becoming a welcoming green oasis for you to enjoy all season long.

Final Thoughts

We hope these ideas sparked your imagination. Start small with a couple of DIY projects or new flower pots. Gradually keep adding personal touches until your patio reflects everything that makes you smile.

This isn't about rushing to perfection - it's about relishing the creative process. 

Your patio should grow into a space that nourishes your spirit, welcomes meaningful gatherings, and provides a front-row seat for admiring nature's beauty.


Jenny Kakoudakis

Jenny Kakoudakis likes to blog about gardening. She launched the award-winning Seasons in Colour in 2014. When she is not chasing criminals out of the financial system (her day job), she loves pottering around her own garden.

Read about her garden tips here.



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