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8 Tips To Pick The Right Window Colour To Match Your Home Interior

When renovating your home, one crucial factor that you have to consider is the colour of your windows. Choosing the right colour not only gives the house that perfect look but also helps in giving an idea of what to do to further enhance your interior and decor.

One of the benefits of installing vinyl window frames is that they open the windows up to a wide variety of colours other than the plain and regular white that we are used to. This allows for customization that fits your style.

Whether looking for that natural look or something much more adventurous, this article offers valuable tips and guidelines from many window experts like Ecoline Windows to help you pick the right window colour for your home. So do ensure you read on till the end.

Have A Proper Design Plan Ready Before Picking The Window Color

One way to never get lost in your home renovation or design is to have a proper plan before choosing the window colour for your project. Doing this saves a lot of mistakes and eventually leads to a more desired look for your home.

A proper design plan could help you decide if you want a unique and adventurous colour like beige or a more traditional black or white.

Not only does it help with deciding the colour choice for the window, but it also helps with deciding the colour choice and style of whatever interior designs you might be implementing in your home to give it a more coordinated and stable look.

Once you have chosen the right window colour you can then dress it with the perfect window treatment.

Image credit: Hunter Douglas

White Windows: Swipe Left or Right?

Arguably one of the safest colours you can opt for, white windows are a more traditional look as they go with almost every colour scheme you might make. They have been the go-to colour for many years. But should you choose white windows?

Well, choosing white windows should depend on your design plan. Are you searching for a more traditional look for your interiors? If so, then white might be the colour for you.

White windows might not be the best choice if you want a unique blend of colours, like a deep brown or earthy colour scheme. Earthy shades like deep brown or bronze would be a more appropriate window colour for that design choice.

Design: sporadicSPACE, image: Nerida Howard

Bronze Windows, Do They Really Work?

As stated earlier, bronze windows are a perfect colour choice for homes with earthy colour schemes.

Overall, bronze and black can be used interchangeably, but the colour bronze is a softer version of black that gives a decent and deep look you might really enjoy.

Consider Trending Color Schemes

Another excellent tip for choosing the right window colours for your home would be to consider picking trendy colour schemes. They are trendy for a reason: they seem to work for most home designers for both interior and exterior purposes.

Black or white windows are a trendy colour scheme you can opt for. Lime green seems a decent choice if you're looking for a softer, playful look.

Be Brave, Try Bright Colors

Using coloured vinyl windows with bright shades like lime green or something as wild as yellow or orange can be a good choice if paired with the right walls or doors.

Always check with your designer and window company before implementing bold colours since it might be challenging to match these units with your interior. Moreover, the warranty for non-standard coloured windows might be less.

Painted Windows Vs Laminated Windows

Long story short – painted windows are better. It might seem that laminated windows are playing most of the cards as they are advertised to offer more durability and versatility, but in reality, it is not valid.

  • Painted windows are a better choice for a more mature and traditional look;

  • Modern water-based paint offers much more durability and a stable look, unlike laminated windows, which can delaminate or bubble when exposed to extreme temperature changes;

  • Painted windows offer a wide range of colour alternatives - you can literally choose any shade you want, and your local window company will mix it for you.

Let Your Exterior Match Your Interiors

Always consider both the exterior and interiors of your house when deciding the window colour that would be perfect for your space. This is another reason you need a proper design plan before choosing a suitable colour scheme for your window.

You would want a window colour that blends perfectly with both the interior and the exterior of your home.

Consider Environmental Hazards

You should always consider environmental problems or hazards, especially if your exteriors are prone to them.

Dark colours might be terrible for areas prone to heavy dust accumulation. A better choice for such locations can be brown or beige shades. And if it's algae that your home exterior is prone to, you can consider green or blue hues.


With all that has been said above, you should have a seamlessly easy decision to make when it comes to picking the right window colours for your home.

You can't go wrong with traditional looks like white or black windows, which will complement almost any interior and house design. Still, it would also be great to experiment and choose unique shades for your windows to make them stand out.


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