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Avoid these most common home office design mistakes

With less and less people returning to the office, it’s becoming more important for many to have a dedicated office space at home where they can work uninterrupted and be productive and creative. If you’re considering a home office set up, you might want to know the most common home office design mistakes to avoid.

#1: Not having an isolated workspace

When working from home it’s so important to have physical boundaries between your work life and

your home life. Having a designated area for your work is key to separating yourself from work after your day is over.

When designing your home office opt for a desk that has built in walls or some kind of room divider to isolate the workspace. This will help you to remain concentrated and will minimise distractions, especially if you’re not able to dedicate an entire room as a home office.

#2: Having inadequate levels of lighting

Ideally you need to be near a window to ensure you have enough natural light to allow you to work effectively. But working near a window is a double-edged sword - your privacy can be compromised but also you could be easily distracted.

One of the most practical ways to have enough lighting without having to compromise your privacy

is to have shutters installed. With so many shutters available to purchase, you’ll be able to balance aesthetics with practicality so you can shut out any harsh sunlight or prying eyes whilst still having enough light to see clearly.

By far, the cheapest way to ensure privacy, is a window film with mirror effect. This easy to apply window film allows all the sun light to come in while blocking 95% of harmful rays, effectively prevent furniture from aging and fading and prohibiting neighbours and any passerby from seeing your home office set up!

If you work away from a window or have to work in the evening, be sure to invest in a good task lamp/desk lamp with natural light effect. The natural light effect is usually at 6500K.

#3: Incorrect seating

Getting your seating wrong is one of the top home office design mistakes. Believe it or not, there are chairs out there that will support your back properly whilst still looking stylish. It’s so important that you choose a chair that is ergonomic because you’re going to be spending so much time sitting in it. Try this one.

You’ve probably heard enough about the dangers of having inadequate support for your back, your knees and your neck, so we won’t bore you with the details! But do ensure you do your research before purchasing a pretty but uncomfortable chair.

Desks with hairpin legs are a popular choice for modern workplaces because they combine contemporary style with the much-needed luxury you’ll be craving if you’re going to spend the majority of your days sitting in this chair.

A Seasons in Colour project: Kids Office Decor with HÅG CAPISCO 8106 - classic saddle seat by Flokk

#4: Forgetting about your storage needs

As important as your desk and chair are, don’t forget to include some storage space for all of your

files, boxes and stationary! Box files are good at disguising boring paperwork, and you can create

your own super aesthetic ones by wrapping them in paper or wallpaper.

Keeping your paperwork and stationery filed properly has been shown to have positive psychological impacts, so make sure you remember to fit some storage in when designing your home office.

Dedicated cupboard trolleys are popular options for hiding your work equipment because they can

be wheeled around to suit your needs and can be tucked away at the end of the day when you want to just relax.


Now that you know these common home office design mistakes, you will be able to successfully design a productive space that allows you to effectively work and innovate to your heart’s content.



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