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A home office for a pre-teen or teenager

If your kid has recently started secondary school, one thing immediately becomes apparent: they have far too many subjects and therefore books, notepads and printouts. And with homework being progressively harder, it's great for kids to have a space to do their work in a focused and organised way.

So today's post is about designing a new home office for a pre-teen and changing a spare room, from rather unremarkable to inspiring (without overwhelming). After all, the aim is to help them focus and not think this is a new play area!

How to design and organise a home office

When designing a home office, you need to consider:

  • the furniture: will you need a large area for working on? If you are an artist you might need a deeper and longer desk for example. And as for your chair: simply put, if you are spending a lot of time on it you need it to be comfortable and adjustable.

  • the lighting: Consider task lights on your desk or on the wall in front of you, so that you can point towards your work or keyboard. Natural light is the best, so try seating close to a window but not directly in front of the window if the room is south facing.

  • the storage: if you have insufficient storage, your room might end up feeling chaotic. Do not underestimate the value of smart storage solutions.

  • flexibility: Can you design the space to be future proof and to have other uses as well ?

5 great desks

A wooden surface is always the best but it will not come cheap. MDF based desks are cheaper and hardwearing but you do need to clean their surface often and marks made with pens and permanent ink markers are not easy to remove! Here are 5 desks that I really like.