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The BEST Boutique Hotels in Santorini Greece for 2019

Plenty of you have asked for hotel recommendations in the beautiful Greek island of Santorini, to plan for romantic getaways and weddings and I am really happy to oblige! You may already know this island for its iconic cliffs, the (inactive) volcano and the instagram-worthy sunsets. It is indeed a bucket-list Greek island for many, popular with tourists as well as Greeks and one that will totally blow your mind when your plane starts descending and you take the breath-taking view from above.

What to expect

There are plenty of boutique hotels in Santorini, most are small and intimate, as there's just not enough space to build 'resort' type hotels on the cliffs. Those hotels that cater for the best views come at a (higher) price, and indeed hotel prices on this island are much higher than most Greek islands, but ONLY where you go for the top views (and I'll tell you how to get the best out of Santorini without spending top £$ in a bit).

So small and intimate. If that is not your thing, don't despair, you can still stay in a nearby island and island-hop to Santorini for the day. But if your heart (and wallet) is set on having access to the best views, expect your hotel to offer a wholesome experience, complimented by unique design (cave-like rooms) and indoor/outdoor pools.