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Easy and Fun weekend DIY - garden chairs makeover

There is so much I love about garden paint. Even the smallest tin will go a long way when it comes to DIY painting bistro chairs and tables. This project that I have today is a fast way to update tired looking chairs that may already be in your garage or shed, collecting dust and feeling unloved. Mine? They were a purchase of years past that had turned an ugly grey. With a bit of love, I gave them a new lease of life.

For this DIY you will need

  • A small tin of paint, usually 500ml will do (I used Sweet Sundae on the chairs and Seagrass on the table, both Cuprinol Garden Shades.

  • A medium size paint brush. Don't fret too much about good quality brushes if you are buying for the first time. For projects like this, I go for the cheapest option. Save your money for projects where a good quality brush really makes a difference.

  • A handheld sander and some sanding paper or a sanding sponge or just sanding paper (same result but slower).

  • A chair or two. If you also have a table, consider painting in contrasting colours.

  • If you have more than 2 chairs, consider a gradient style paint effect.

Should I sand down before painting

I would recommend a light sanding, just to get rid of all the gritty grey surface and allow the paint to adhere better as well as to smooth down any rough edges. Focus your sanding on the seat and back, and less on feet or the back of the chair or the underside of a table.

Left to right: Honey Mango, Dazzling yellow, Sweet Sundae, all Cuprinol Garden Shades

Left to right: Gated Forest, Pale Moss, Royal Peacock

Left to right: Iris, Black Ash, Urban Slate





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