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How To Add Personal Touches To Your Rental Home

If you live in a rental space, you already know how dull and impersonal it can be. You do have all the basic furniture, but the art and other decorative pieces are simply not you. You probably already have some ideas on how to improve the decor, but you are afraid to damage the property.

Well, worry no more because there are some damage-free ways to add personal touches to any rental home.


Get Creative With Stickers

Rental agreements usually include restrictions to affixing anything on walls permanently - sometimes even nails for pictures. This limits your options when it comes to decor, but they are not totally gone.

Instead of repainting the walls or even getting wallpaper, you can get creative with wall stickers. There are dozens of designs and shapes of stickers you can find and decorate that boring white wall and make a piece of art of it. Plus, when it is time to move, those stickers are easy to remove, plus they are not that expensive.

Additionally, you can play with washi tape, too, and create some geometric shapes and fun lines in your rental.

personalise your rental home with art and posters

Personalise your rental home with posters and art

Your rental home probably already has some boring paintings and pictures all over the walls. Those probably aren’t personal to you, so you may want to replace them. To use those screws for your own art, simply neatly store the landlord’s art, and choose your own paintings and posters.

For example, if you love traveling, you can easily get a custom city map poster that depicts your favorite city, and completely personalize that living room. Additionally, you can opt for any type of art and hang it on the already existing screw.

On the other hand, if there are no screws in the wall, you can prop up the posters on shelves and dressers and easily change the mood in any room. This is an easy way to personalise your rental home with art and posters.

personalise your rental home with art and posters

Refresh the Space

Another simple way to provide a fresh breath of life to your rental is to change the small things. You can get fresh new covers for the couch and pick a refreshing color.

Maybe it's the right time to swap your old linen and pillowcases for some fun new ones. Plus, if you add some colorful throw pillows and cushions here and there, the space will open up and simply feel different.

Another idea is to add color through new towels, kitchen towels, and even some small organizers for the bathroom and kitchen. That way, you can keep things clean and organized while the space will get a new shape.

personalise your rental home with art and posters

Have fun with plants

Every home should have at least one indoor plant. Plants provide a rustic and refreshing atmosphere in any home, and they are super rental-friendly.

Pick your favorite flowers and place them in vases on the table. Also, get a few colorful planters and pots and organize your plants on the windows and in that empty corner that is driving you crazy.

Plants bring many great benefits, and they will provide that touch of nature to your rental space.

personalise your rental home with art and posters

Personalise your home with rugs

Since you cannot change the floors in your rental, you are probably figuring out how to cover them; especially if you don’t like them.

One great solution is to find some rugs you want. These rugs can be of any shape, size, and color you’d like.

For example, if the room is relatively small, you can opt for a colorful area rug under the coffee table. It will cover a great part of that floor you don’t like and it will add contrast and pop of color to the apartment. And for your bedroom, you can opt for a bigger rug that even goes wall to wall and provide that extra coziness in your favorite room.

personalise your rental home with art and posters

Image credit: Ruggable

Change those curtains

Most rental spaces have plain and boring curtains to suit a variety of tastes. If you are not a fan of the curtains that come with the house, you are free to change them! You can choose any color, style, and length for the curtains to add a personal touch.

If you want more natural light in the house, simply choose see-through curtains that are light. On the other hand, if you’d like more texture, you can opt for heavy drapes that can even keep you warm and add a pop of color to your home. It is up to you!



Even though you are renting out an apartment or a house, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it personal to you. You don't have to breach your rental agreement by making permanent or semi-permanent alterations.

By relying on smaller things like plants, textiles and wall stickers you can entirely change how your home looks. Better yet, it will be personal to you and you will enjoy spending your time there and your landlord can’t say you did anything wrong to their house.


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