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How to Avoid Pricey Home-Repair Surprises in 2022

A young couple painting their home and doing DIY - Seasonsincolour interiors blog How to Avoid Pricey Home-Repair Surprises in 2022

Although maintaining your home regularly is the best way to avoid unnecessary home repairs, sometimes they can't be prevented no matter how hard you try. Home repairs can get surprisingly costly really quickly, especially when you don't have a plan on how to do it.

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be like that as there are things you can do to lessen the likelihood of having to repair your home and minimize the increased cost when repairs become needed. Here is a handy guide on how to avoid pricey home repair surprises in 2022.

A young couple painting their home and doing DIY - Seasonsincolour interiors blog How to Avoid Pricey Home-Repair Surprises in 2022

Pay Attention to The Roof

Quite possibly, a roof is one of the parts of the house that's predisposed to various issues. Whether it's moisture, mold, rot, or something even more alarming, these issues may cause substantial deterioration to your house, and in turn, cost you a fortune.

To avoid this and make sure that everything is in order, make sure to inspect your roof and attic thoroughly, at least every six months or so. It's probably best to leave this task to professionals, as they will notice things that you likely wouldn't and avert potential issues from occurring.

It's better to be safe than sorry since professional roof inspections will cost you up to £300/$300, which is undoubtedly better than paying thousands of dollars for huge damage repairs.

A roof with new green tiles on a sunny day with clear skies - Seasonsincolour interiors blog How to Avoid Pricey Home-Repair Surprises in 2022

Include The Other Structures Too

While taking good care of your house is essential, it's important to include other exterior structures you might have, such as garages, tool sheds, potting sheds, and such. There are plenty of ways these structures might become damaged, and this can wreak havoc on your personal belongings as well. Since these structures certainly don't require that much attention like your house, make sure to inspect them regularly and you'll have much fewer things to worry about.

  • Treat your wooden sheds with a special wooden oil made for outdoor use, and apply a new layer each year.

  • For metal buildings, add on the steel building insulation, as it will do wonders and even save you money in the long run.

A shed with beautiful festoon lights on a pergola outside. - Seasonsincolour interiors blog How to Avoid Pricey Home-Repair Surprises in 2022

If It Comes to The Push, Act Immediately

We know, bad things usually occur when you're the least (financially) prepared for them. But rather than ignoring the petty issue that may evolve to something disastrous, not to mention extremely costly, it's most reasonable to act as soon as something unanticipated occurs.

According to a report, only 55% of the Americans would handle a repair straight away, and only 9% of the millennials would do the same. And believe us, this is a terrible idea and it never pays off. Click here to find more about disaster restoration and construction solutions.

Sometimes You Can DIY

Although most of the things are better left to professionals, there are certain things you can do by yourself. For example, addressing a problem with mold before you have to take a whole wall down! Not only this will save you plenty of money, but you will also be able to learn a lot and use that knowledge in the future.

However, make sure to only DIY if you are absolutely sure you can do it, otherwise, this decision can cost you even more than paying a professional. We strongly suggest starting with simple repairs and projects according to your skills and leaving the more difficult things to the pros.

A young person looking to DIY some repairs around his home, with tools on the floor - Seasonsincolour interiors blog How to Avoid Pricey Home-Repair Surprises in 2022
How to Avoid Pricey Home-Repair Surprises in 2022

Get Home Insurance

We mentioned earlier how home repairs can absolutely devastate your budget. That's why home insurance can help by safeguarding your property and personal belongings from deterioration or destruction. Moreover, it also provides liability coverage. Yet, insurance policies for homeowners are based on many factors, such as your location and more.

That's why you should always make sure to understand what exactly the insurance policy may cover, so you can choose your insurance pack according to that.

Switch To Copper Pipes

If your house was built in the last century, in all likelihood, it has lead or polybutylene pipes. Not only do they pose a safety hazard, but they can also cause considerable structural damage to your home, and that's why you need to change them.

It's proven that lead pipes can leak into your drinking water and pose serious health issues, while on the other hand, polybutylene pipes react to chlorine and other chemicals and are predisposed to bursting and cracking. Even though switching to copper pipes isn't cheap, it's certainly a more reasonable option than waiting for the disaster to occur and endangering your health.



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