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How to Personalize an Engagement Ring and Give It a Unique Style

The engagement ring marks a before and after in every relationship and is a turning point that draws the beginning of your path to the altar. Are you right at this stage? Then you will surely have realized the infinite possibilities you have when choosing an engagement ring. It is a unique piece of jewelry that allows for many variations, especially if you want to personalize it to make it even more unique.

Are you interested in creating a piece that represents your partner's tastes and personality and that also reflects the essence of both of you? In this article, you can read about how you can personalize a ring to obtain a unique and unrepeatable piece.

engagement ring

Start by Exploring the Types of Rings Available

What should an engagement ring be like? For your choice to be truly eternal and unique, it is crucial to know all the types of engagement rings on the market. First of all, we will classify them based on their design (and their mount).

These are the most common engagement rings:

Half Alliance

Although its name is often related to wedding rings, it has nothing to do with them. These are simple cut rings in which there is no main stone standing out from the set. They are usually made up of diamonds and other precious stones set in the middle of the ring or hoop itself.

Solitaire Rings

They are the most classic and are always featured by a single central stone, which traditionally is usually a diamond – although it will depend on the budget. Without a doubt, it is the most popular type of ring among couples in some countries. Its simplicity makes it an elegant, discreet, and full of beauty piece.

In addition, it symbolizes the union of two people under respect and love, which makes solitaire the perfect ally to ask your partner to spend the rest of his life by your side.

engagement ring

An eternity engagement ring

Eternity Rings

These are rings set around their entire circumference with gems – usually diamonds – in one, two, or three rows. It is a sparkling and beautiful engagement ring, characterized by having no central stone and being known as the eternity ring.

Trilogy Rings (or with Three Stones)

In this case, the central diamond or gem is accompanied by two other stones on both sides – smaller in size – which frame it and give it more presence. They are also known as trilogy rings and symbolize the past, present, and couple's future.

With Halo

These are those rings in which a halo of small diamonds surrounds the central stone, which adds brilliance and spectacularity to the piece. They create the sensation of showing off larger gems when worn.

Rosette or Pavé Ring

It is one in which a striking center stone, which can be a diamond, emerald, ruby, or sapphire, is flanked by mini diamonds. Although, the ring can also be set with these gems.

Rings with Track

These are usually rings where the stones are set in the body, on both sides of the central stone, and aligned in a track. Although, they can also give rise to half-alliances or an eternity ring.

With Stones in Tension

They are pieces in which the diamond – or the gem – seems to be suspended as if in the air. Although, the truth is that it is supported by the metal pieces that make up the ring, which are placed in parallel. One of the most demanding and delicate settings in jewelry that gives rise to fine and avant-garde engagement rings.

Toi et Moi

Although it is unusual, it will appeal to unconventional men and women. Its major peculiarity is its shape, since it is a ring with two precious stones together, usually of the same size, which are arranged on each arm of the alliance. What is its meaning? The union of two soul mates who become one, as they represent the You and the I.

No matter the model you choose you can get lab-grown diamond engagement rings. That will ensure that the rings are ethically and sustainably sourced, making them more unique.

engagement ring

A solitaire engagement ring

Think about Your Partner's Personality

How to choose an engagement ring? The engagement ring is a piece of jewelry designed to be worn for a lifetime. That is why it is essential that when choosing it, you look for options that adapt to the personality and character of your partner. And the ring must talk about her!

In the same way, it does not hurt to pay special attention to the comments they make or the photos they show you. A couple usually gives previous clues, whether walking down the street and pointing out a specific jewelry store, showing a model of a famous person they love, etc. So stay tuned! If you need extra help, you can always turn to key figures such as her mother, her sister, or her close friends.

Keep in Mind the Meaning of Gemstones


It represents spirituality, peace, and protection.


Its translucent turquoise tone brings peace and good energy to the couple.


It symbolizes hope, loyalty, and fidelity, as well as bringing good fortune to marriage.


One of the oldest gems. It is associated with beauty, wisdom, and spiritual growth.

Engrave Your Ring

If you are sure about wanting a 100% personalized engagement ring, a good engraving cannot be missing. You must know that the possibilities are varied, in case you are interested in the idea.

From the date of the request to your names or nicknames, including the initials of your children or pets, a meaningful word for both of you, or a phrase from a movie that identifies you. Or even a fingerprint or any other intimate symbol.

If you follow all the recommendations on this list, you will obtain a unique and special ring for your partner. A unique ring will undoubtedly make the difference between all the rings you are used to seeing on the market. Your partner deserves no less.


Jenny Kakoudakis

Jenny Kakoudakis likes to blog about interiors and lifestyle. She launched award-winning Seasons in Colour in 2014. When she is not chasing criminals out of the financial system (her day job), she gets creative by redecorating her own home.

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