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Kitchen design trends - 2022

Whether simplistic and neutral in colours or decadently decorated with colour and texture, the kitchen remains the true hub of everyone's home. No longer is kitchen (and bathroom!) design an afterthought, with budgets being stretched to accomodate not only the much needed functionality of the space but also the need to add interest, especially as open plan living continues to be on the rise.

With an abundance in decor and materials that can be used to elevate the design in this room, homeowners are truly spoilt for choice. Here are some top trends in kitchen design that we'll see more of in 2022.

  1. The Single shelf

  2. Flutted islands

  3. Glass Door Pantries

  4. Bold Coloured Cabinets

  5. Statement Splashbacks

  6. Hidden Storage Ideas

  7. Hidden Workspaces

  8. Decorative Lighting

  9. ESG

  10. Bench seating

  11. Plants as part of your design

  12. Natural wood tones

  13. Cork Flooring

  14. Mesh front Cabinets

  15. Checkerboard Floors

  16. Standout Taps