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Maximizing Storage in Open-plan Kitchens with a Custom-Built Bookcase

Embark on a journey of bespoke creativity as we delve into the world of custom-made bookcase design. In this blog post, we are going to unravel the artistry and functionality behind personalized bookcases, where every shelf tells a unique story.

Join us in discovering how custom designs redefine both form and function, transforming your space into a literary sanctuary that resonates with your individuality.


How can I add storage in my open-plan kitchen?

This was the question I had to answer when we finished building our contemporary kitchen extension. It's a tricky question but incorporating smart storage solutions is one of the biggest goals in every design project according to experts.

A kitchen with lots of storage will help you ensure there is enough space for all the cooking paraphernalia. If you are lucky enough to have a pantry and a kitchen island then your storage space is instantly increased. Both will help you reach your goal of a clutter-free space.


Image: @JennyKakoudakis

Does a custom-built bookcase add style to a room?

In this kitchen, the expansive space is filled with light thanks to a 5-meter-long roof light but there are some very long surfaces (the floor and ceiling) which made the room feel very 2-dimensional and lacking in texture.

At first sight, the space looks unfinished - maybe as a result of a lack of art on the walls. At the same time, the continuous use of colours from the same palette creates a uniformity that makes the space feel cold and unloved.

The solution? Adding texture and a darker colour on the wall behind the table with a custom-built bookcase. This would add additional storage in this open-plan kitchen as well as create an area to display art and favorite objects that could spark conversation over a formal dinner.


The space behind the dining table needed a made-to-measure bookcase, ceiling high. I decided to work with Landview Carpentry (who also made our living room bookcases) and use Egger products (wood effect MCF) in a rich walnut colour called EGGER Natural Carini Walnut.


EGGER Natural Carini Walnut

Made to measure bookcase - After

EGGER Natural Carini Walnut

EGGER Natural Carini Walnut made to measure bespoke bookcase with lights

EGGER Natural Carini Walnut made to measure bespoke bookcase with lights

With the added storage of this bookcase, and the warmth of walnut, this room feels complete. Well, almost. What do you think might be missing from this room still?



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