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Moving In with Style: 11 Tips to Transform Your Interior Design When Moving Homes

Moving into a new home sparks possibility - not just for enjoying updated amenities, but for transforming living spaces into better reflections of your aesthetic. Yet amid the chaos of packing and transporting every possession, curating custom décor often takes a backseat to more immediate logistics.

By the time the dust settles, inspiration has evaporated and many simply recreate old layouts hastily to resume routines. But with some strategic planning and creative vision, you can manifest interiors that elevate your space instead of just replicating the previous home.

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Hire Professional Movers 

Relocating is stressful enough without tackling logistics solo. Use Muval to find local removalists who can pack speciality items like artwork securely, disassemble and transport all furnishings, and get heavy pieces situated perfectly in your new layouts.

Their expertise transports items damage-free so you can focus energy on designing your dream home instead of draining yourself packing. With items safely delivered, you can decorate immediately.

Create a Multi-Sensory Vision Board

Curate a collage of images representing your aesthetic visions - pages torn from magazines showcasing beloved décor elements, paint swatches matching hues that appeal to you, furniture pieces exuding designs you gravitate to, and even inspiring quotes.

Mount tangible swatches of fabrics, wood finishes and colour strips too. Place this multi-textured mood board prominently when decorating, allowing it to guide every purchasing decision.

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Thoroughly Catalogue Existing Inventory First

Before buying anything new, audit furnishings, accent pieces, art and accessories you already own and can carry to the new abode.

  • Assess their condition, coordinate styles and map where items would work best in updated layouts.

  • Analyse if newer furnishings are truly needed or if a fresh coat of paint would revive current pieces.

This prevents overspending on items you already have.

Use Paint to Set a Foundation

A strategic splash of new paint works magic at transforming stale spaces on a budget. Go bold with accent walls in bedrooms, dining rooms or libraries as a starting point - you can check out these accent wall ideas for inspiration. Crisp whites open up smaller rooms while neutral beige or grey shades create backdrops where artworks can shine. 

Stencil whimsical patterns onto kids’ walls or paint ceilings an unexpected blue for a striking cobalt sky mural effect. Whatever your colour palette, paint pulls the whole vision together.

Incorporate Multipurpose Furnishings

Embrace resourceful furniture allowing you to configure rooms creatively in smaller spaces.

Items pulling double duty maximise flexibility.

Look for benches with storage compartments to provide extra surfaces and concealed storage, ottomans that open to conceal cosy blankets, convertible coffee tables customisable to entertain or workspace modes, daybeds doubling as spare beds for overnight guests.

Infuse Nature with Greenery 

Strategically place colourful potted plants, bursts of fresh flowers, aromatic herbs or miniature succulents throughout your new space to instantly improve any stale room lacking dimension.

Greenery livens up lonely corners, purifies shared air and creates ambience when framed by sunlight pouring through translucent curtains in quiet reading nooks. Studies even show that owning plants is correlated with better mental health

Use Lighting to Set a Mood

Make lighting a priority design element, whether installing pendant chandeliers to distinguish entryways and dining spaces or placing dimmable lamps to showcase artwork.

When designing, consider how natural light flows through rooms during the day then map out supplementary fixtures to support any mood - bright and lively or dim and relaxing.

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Build Bold Display Shelving

Transform empty living room walls into an artistic feature with floating shelves painted a vivid accent shade specifically for arranging your model car collection or cookbook library. Or hang basic white shelving inside closet doors to brightly illuminate prized pairs of shoes and handbags. Use lighting to highlight whatever treasured collections most spark joy!

Curate Gallery Walls 

Evoke personality on blank walls even in rented properties by mounting a gallery of framed artwork, prints and photos. Arrange pieces salon-style paying attention to orienting similar sizes together yet slightly uneven to look collected over time.

This instantly personalized display requires no major installation and adds a personal touch to your home.

With mindful planning upfront and carrying over your most meaningful elements from previous chapters, you can craft spaces reflecting your essence in moving. Thoughtfully blending continuity with an infusion of new creative touches ensures your new home feels comforting yet current!


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