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Multifunctional Home Office Ideas To Utilise The Space Better

Working from home has become the norm for many people but it doesn’t have to be something that takes over your house. Sure, you need somewhere to do your work but why should you sacrifice space in your home for your job? We’re taking a look at some multifunctional inspiration, so that the moment you switch your work computer off, you can transform your space back into a home.

Under the Stairs

Perhaps one of the best space-saving ideas for incorporating an office into your home is to tuck it away under the stairs. Typically, under the stairs acts as storage in the home but it can be a great way to create an office without losing much of your floorspace. In fact, it can be a colourful retreat or an artistic feature to show off to visitors.

Whether you’re looking for condos in Markham or anywhere else, make it a space you want to spend time in by getting as much light in as you can and use colour or wallpaper to add some flair. We love how the space below seems camouflaged wit use of dark colours.

Image credit: Homes to Love Aus

Offices are no longer the dull, grey spaces they used to be as companies are embracing creativity to inspire productivity. Take a leaf out of their books and put a personal stamp on your office under the stairs.


If you’re an avid book reader there’s a good chance that you have already got more books than you’ll ever have time to read. Why not combine your love of reading with the need for a productive space? Adding a library to your home, perhaps in the corner of a room, allows you to create a multifunctional space to be proud of.

During the week, it can be where you do your work but at the weekend swap your office chair for a leather wingback and settle down with a cup of tea, blanket and a good book.

Whether your home office is in your library or not, combining informal seating with office furniture allows for easy leisure time when your work is done.

Sports Room

If you have a spare room in your house or garden, why not make the most of it and create a space that adds real value to your life? Having a spare room sitting idly by waiting for someone to visit is all well and good, but it could be the perfect activity room as well as somewhere to work.

To ensure you have space for work as well as workouts, choosing gym equipment that allows for multiple functions is the way to go.

Alternatively, you may wish to clear the clutter entirely to allow for a yoga studio in your home. You could take the multi-functioning sports room a step further with a golf simulator. Not only do simulators allow you to practise your swing but they double up as home cinemas.

All you’ll need are some comfy seats, blackout curtains and a box of popcorn! It’s a great way to use your spare room in a multitude of ways and maximise the space.

Using Nooks with New Ideas

A great way to fit an office into your home without dedicating too much space to it is to utilise any awkward area around the house. Examples of nooks that make great office spaces in the home include:

  • Alcoves

  • Landing spaces

  • Attic eaves

  • Any awkward and under-used space

This allows for whichever room you decide to use as your home office to remain functioning as intended. Any changes or investments you make to enhance or convert spaces in your home will also unintentionally add value if and when you come to sell.

You may also wish to choose an area of your house that serves as a thoroughfare rather than a dwelling place. So, landings and hallways make great multifunctional office spaces as they are less impacted by a desk and chair. If you live in a busy home, however, it’s probably best to steer clear of areas of traffic to avoid the potential for unwanted people in the background of your work video calls.

Image Credit: Living ETC

Use Colour to Define Work Zones

The convenience of working from home either permanently or on a hybrid basis means that more of us than ever are choosing jobs that allow such working conditions. Remote and hybrid jobs are attracting seven times as many applicants as in-person roles. Even though people are choosing to work from home more, that doesn’t mean they want to completely transform their homes into an office.

A great way to define work zones in a room and allow for multi-functionality is through the creative use of colour. From busy, maximalist zones to blackened walls or light and airy spaces, colour contrasts are effective at creating rooms within rooms.

As your office is meant for productivity, bold colours like blues, reds and yellows are perfect for creating good vibes. Blue is great for stimulating creativity, while red evokes urgency and yellow is calming. You may also wish to define your home office with the use of bold wallpaper or artwork to ensure that your office is a fun place to be.

Choosing the Right Desk

The right desk allows you to maintain as much floor space as possible to ensure whichever room your office is in still functions as desired. For instance, opting for a floating desk that is mounted on the wall, perhaps with self-contained shelves and storage, will intrude less on your bedroom. It could even double up as a bedside cabinet.

Floating desks allow for rooms to remain organised and open plan, leading to increased productivity versus home offices that are cluttered or disorganised. Ladder desks are also a great option for tucking an office away in the corner of a room as it comes equipped with plenty of self-contained storage, ensuring your desk doesn’t dominate your room.

Standing desks are another great option to save space. Effy's standing desk for small rooms provides a space-saving ergonomic solution.

Finally, Think About Storage

Using creative storage solutions allows for spaces to transform from the living area to the office with ease. Solutions like coffee tables with hidden storage or an ottoman or bedroom bench with storage create a place to put your files and electronics when the working day is done.

Folding furniture is another way to add some much-needed workspace to a room but also to allow for another purpose. For instance, a foldaway desk could double up as a dressing table, sideboard or dining table in a small home.

Tucking your desk away in a cupboard or closet is another way to introduce a multifunctional aspect to your home office. Many cabinets and cupboards with built-in desk space are available on the market and they allow you to dictate what kind of home office you would like.

They can be placed in a quiet part of the home if you prefer that peace to focus. Or, if you need a buzz to get your creative juices flowing, in a bustling spot like the living room or kitchen.

Above: The Myers Touch, Kitchen design experts



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