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Set the table with John Lewis

This was a collaborative post with John Lewis, a brand that I absolutely adore and have been shopping from for the last 14 years. Thank you for supporting the brands that allow me to bring you fresh content! The post contains affiliate links.

John Lewis Christmas crackers in pink and green with blue background and fairy lights

Good morning Internet family! Glorious sunshine pouring through my window this Sunday morning and I could not be happier as the blue skies are lifting my spirits high! Plus it's the day we're going to choose our Christmas tree! Do you find this time of year stressing or something to really look forward too? Is its a mix of pleasure and pain with the endless trips to shops and how are you getting on with Internet shopping (that's how we do most of our shopping these days)?

Last year we brought back two trees (one for the living room and one for the dining room) and I even made a little video about how to get ready for Christmas. This time round I am taking things a little slower. I haven't decided whether to join a blog hop - but if you want to see last year's UK Christmas Blog Hop try this!

Since giving our guest bedroom a makeover a few months back, we've already had two sets of guests staying with us in separate months (October and November) so December could not be any different: my father in law arrives in two weeks time. Unlike other years though, everything is ready around the home (well, minus the tree) and all I have to do is work out my Christmas day table setting.


One thing to always consider is whether you will place and carve your turkey on the table. While it is visually splendid to have the bird on the table and receive the applause for your hard work, the truth is that the roasting dish takes up a lot of useful space, so unless you have an extending table, you should consider leaving the bird in the kitchen.