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10 Captivating Bedroom Decor Trends for 2021 that we LOVE

Once you have stepped over your welcoming door mat at home, you know you are safe and able to relax. You head to your bedroom but what do you find there?

A bedroom is a perfect definition of a person’s style and charisma. It makes a statement about our personality. A comforting and cozy bedroom is an indication of the person’s mindset to relax and have and easy approach in life.

A bedroom with vibrant colors indicates that the person who resides in it has a life full of fun and adventures. Similarly, the minimalist touch in a bedroom depicts the owners approach to being less is more in life.

While trends in decorating are always changing, there are a few which have stayed for a long time as well as some new emerging ones. If you want to buy bedroom furniture or are renovating your bedroom, here are the 10 bedroom trends to know about and choose from in 2021.


1. Wallpaper all-over

If you have a bedroom that lacks vibrancy and colors, wallpaper is the right option for you. You can add patterns and graphics to your bedroom with wallpaper in the tones that suit your interior. And if you are not brave enough to try wallpaper because it feels too 'permanent' these removable wallpaper designs are sure to delight.

Above and below: Bedroom with palm wallpaper at trend setting Hotel Providence in Paris.


Hungarian Goose down pillow, Scooms | Egyptian cotton bed linen from £110, Scooms | Morris & Co. Pure Bachelor's Button Bedding, John Lewis | Bedside light in black and brass, John Lewis | Gooch Oriental Khurjeen Rug, Blue, John Lewis | Almere Coral Velvet Fabric 2 Seater Tub Sofa, The Tub Chair shop


2. Luxury Bedding

Spending more time at home has meant that we get to look at what we own a little more too. So if we cannot go outside to enjoy ourselves the same way we did before (for obvious reasons) we should definitely afford ourselves the little luxuries, such as high thread bedding at the best prices possible. We would always expect the best at a luxury UK holiday cottage, so we should allow ourselves the best at home too.


3. Get creative with your walls

Some people like to be creative with the furniture of their bedroom while some take their creativity directly to the floors, walls and ceilings. The use of the brickwork and slated walls, interior shutters, and panelling is something we see more often lately and will become bigger in the months to come.

Adding panelling or moulding is also a great way to add character to a contemporary built home. Click here to see a board and batten DIY tutorial.


4. Hack your built-in furniture

If you look at your IKEA wardrobes with less love these days, this is because you have not yet considered their possibilities such as instrument wardrobes. Hacking IKEA furniture is an excellent and affordable way to add some wow factor to your bedroom and apartments for rent in Salt Lake City UT without spending money. And besides, you can come up with something very unique and in line with your style.


5. The sofa bed

While having sofas in the bedroom has always been a trend, the new variation is the sofa bed. Not only can you save space in the room, but your home decorating spending as well. Among online retailers, DUSK is known for its affordable prices on sofa-beds. In addition, you can get discount codes at

The sofa-bed system comes in functional and elegant colours which can be customized to suit the interior of your bedroom. This works perfect in guest rooms that also double as offices - day to day the sofa-bed works as a couch allowing plenty of room to move in. Only unfold the bed when you need to!

  • Opt for imitation leather or plain fabric for a minimalist look

  • Go for bold prints or colours to colour-block or create an aesthetically pleasing combination.

  • Place the sofa bed at the end of the bed looking away or next to a window if your room is large.

  • If there is no other bed in the room, go for a 'day-bed' style sofa bed.

  • Use it to read books day to day and when you have overnight guests use it as an extra bed.

Image credit: Eugene Varkovich


6. Organic materials - wood beds

If you are someone who craves the natural, cozy and earthly feel in your bedroom, you can always opt for a solid wood bed design. The combo of a solid wood build for the bed, coupled with green accents, will lead to a fresh and trendy bedroom. You can add more retro furniture in the room to go for a cozy look.


7. Decorate using marble and brass

Using marble and brass in the design of a bedroom will add vibes of luxury and eclecticism. There is nothing more poignant and classical than this combo. Use marble top side tables with brass accessories on top or brass side lamps; brass handles on wardrobes. Or even a faux marble effect wallpaper behind your bed.


8. White interior palette

Decorating the room white is something that is getting trendier. From white painted beds against all white walls, to simple white bed linen, this trend has been spreading like wild fire and that too in the good sense.


9. Scandinavian style is still big

Scandinavian decor will continue to reign supreme in 2021 as people love minimalism and the Hygge feeling in their bedrooms. Thinks of an imperfectly made bed with organic bed linen, coupled with bedside tables and picture frames above.

The palette can be off-white and grey with wood accents warming the space. When the nights start drawing in, use candles and cosy throws to accessorize the space.


10. Art on the walls

Decorating the room with a big bed surrounded with artistic pieces and having a color scheme of blue, orange, purple, or green shades is a trendy décor in current times as well. Opt for this trend if you like a bit of vibrancy in your bedroom.



There are many trends you can choose to follow in 2021 when it comes to decorating your bedroom. Keeping your budget, your bedroom size and the interior style in mind, you can opt for the trend which suits you best from the following:

  • Wallpaper to make a statement

  • Buying Luxury bedding

  • Creative walls

  • Hacking your built-in furniture

  • Using sofa beds

  • Using organic materials for your bed

  • Marble and Brass combinations

  • All white palette

  • Scandi style

  • Art on the walls



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