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Tips to Help Couples Blend Styles Without Bickering

Yes, let’s face it, even in the best of relationships, couples are bound to bicker here and there. According to The Guardian, the most common topics couples fight about is sex, tidiness, different perspectives on an event (or false memory syndrome), critiquing the cook, and assigning blame. And when you are moving in together (big step!) you are bound to have one more reason to fight every now and then: You may have completely different visions on what you would like your home and personal space to look like!

While we’d all like to say none of these topics apply to our relationships, let’s admit that the occasional one does and, more often than night, a fight does occur. Even Seasons in Colour writer Jenny Kakoudakis and her husband ended up not talking when the latter's home office was painted black - an episode that is best documented here and which did not last long (the room was then repainted and wallpapered, as shown here).

In our relationship, I tend to over-react when things are not how I expect them to be. I don't like taking the blame at all. I am always quick to push it towards the husband even when it is crystal clear that he is right. (Jenny Kakoudakis)

Remind you of something? The problem isn’t your differing perspectives nor is it your needs and wants; it’s how you express these to your partner (and vice versa) that makes the difference. That said, read on to learn how you can blend your communication styles minus the blame and shame. Hopefully, this will help you also blend your interiors styles without much fuss!

Couples fighting and laughing Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

1. Take the Myers Briggs Test

The Myers Briggs test is an infamous personality test that assigns individuals four letters based on of how they answer the questionnaire: introversion vs. extroversion, intuition vs. sensing, thinking vs. feeling, and perceiving vs. judging.