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5 Top Hotels in Mykonos with amazing pools

The best pools on island of Mykonos Greece

I am going to declare myself an expert of all things Mykonos and take you all the way to the popular Greek island so that we can swoon together over my Top 5 hotels that feature pools worthy of many Instagram posts. Mykonos, I always say, is pretty similar to Ibiza. It has a beautiful climate during the summer months, it is known for the legendary parties thrown by many beach side clubs, and also caters for the likes of actors and singers who arrive here every year from as far as the Hollywood Hills. Lady Gaga and Tom Hanks are known to visit often and Roberto Cavalli sees Mykonos as a second home.

With visitors like that, it's only expected that the hotels of this otherwise traditional looking island are going to look their very best. And they are. Also sorts of designer products are used amongst my favourite 5 of this post. You can have a totally traditional whitewashed room full of organic material and then Buster & Punch pendant lights in your bathroom (see here, Kensho) or beautiful kilims in earthy colours next to handmade stools (local, I suspect, as seen in San Giorgio).


My first visit finds us on Mykonos Theoxenia. A member of Design Hotels​, it has fresh, modern aesthetics and strong 60s glam elements. It is one of the most famous boutique hotels in Greece and one of the few 5 star hotels on the island which ultimately delivers what it promises.

Theoxenia (which translates into "God's hospitality") will provide you with every luxury and comfort you may desire: elegant design, impressive fabrics with patterns inspired by the 60s, wooden flooring, luxurious bathrooms complete with bathtub and/or shower with Jacuzzi, spacious balconies overlooking the sea, pergolas and so much more.

Mykonos Theoxenia swimming pool

Mykonos Theoxenia swimming pool

Not straying from its name, the hotel is a "luminous beacon of excellence" in hospitality. Given its location next to the "Chora" (the capital), it is probably one of the most popular hotels to attract A-listers.

What I really like about this particular hotel's pool? Not only is it big, it also has amazing private pergolas, complete with sheer curtains for some privacy that let just the right amount of sun come through. You can even have your lunch delivered there. Bliss!


This one is further out from the capital, located in the very posh ELIA (the little Monaco part of the island). The best hotels are built in this location, along with the most expensive restaurants. The vantage point on the hills around Elia offers unique views of the bay (below) which is usually where the yachts of the super rich are anchored. Get your binoculars out!

It is part of the Myconian Collection whose portfolio of hotels and villas spans across no less than 8 breath taking locations: the Ambassador, Avaton, Imperial, Korali, Kyma, Naia, the Royal and Utopia.

Utopia is designed for true connoisseurs, the Relais & Chateaux hotel has become a firm favorite with couple and honeymooners who seek a romantic getaway in a perfect setting, attended to with a service that is at once private and personal, discreet and attentive. The luxurious suites and villas that offer every comfort are complemented by a variety of dining options and relaxing thalasso spa treatments.


At Bill & Coo you have a choice of staying at the adults only Coastal Suites (which are right on the sea front of Megali Ammos, shown below, one of the best sandy beaches in Greece) or stay higher up at the Suites and Lounge for views of beautiful sunsets in front of infinity pools. Your sunbed is right inside the swimming pool. Bliss.

With ample space and thoughtful touches, this is another 5 star Mykonian marvel will make you feel like you are in your own private hideout. There are 30 magnificently styled suites, effortlessly weaving modern comfort, indigenous accents and refined luxury. In off white, grey and cream hues, the #billandcoowayoflife (yes, do check them on Insta!) will make you wonder why you haven't yet visited Greece.

Price may be an issue here. Bill & Coo is by far the most expensive hotel on the island (a week for two in July will cost you upwards of £15k for the Suites and Lounge and upwards of £10k for the Coastal Suites) but for that kind of money you do get a lot of chauffeuring around in BMWs (their official partner) and have access to a helicopter in case you need to be ferried to your super yacht.

Having said that, the rooms do feel rather small for the price. There, I said it.


One of my personal favourites, the Myconos Blu is part of the Grecotel chain and I have covered it in more detail here. Situated in another trendy area of the island, the bay of Psarou, this is also built up on the hill and enjoys the vistas of the popular beach below. What I love more about its pools is that they are inside out - protected during the afternoon so you can stay in them longer. Most of its suites also have their own pools.

A haven of tranquility, Myconos Blu will enthuse all design aficionados.


Last on my little list, but definitely not least in any shape or form, is Grecophilia (= Greek friendship) another little gem that offers infinity pools to soak up in, and majestic vistas that will get you hooked to Greece. Though not as grand as the above, it makes my top 5 because here you get to swim under olive trees in some of its private pools (try the Goya Grand Villa for example).

Your contact book for Mykonos should include the Myconian Traveller for luxury car rental and tours. This truly is a beautiful island and staying on the hotel premises is a big no-no. You should explore, on foot, by car or boat and if you get too tired of bumping into someone famous, get on the ferry (or your own yacht?!) and go island hopping.



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