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Wreath making kits and dried flowers

Flowers always seem to help when we need a little pick me up, the pinks and yellows or tulips and roses giving us positivity for days while we watch them bloom. But then, after a few days, they fade and you scratch yourself about what you should do next. Well with dried flowers, this no longer is a problem.

Long lasting, dried flowers come in all varieties of colours and type, allowing you to make unique bouquets to suit your decor as well as wreaths. Here are some of our favourite wreath making kits and dried flower bouquets.


Above: Wild Daisy Wreath from ETSY

Below: A spring wreath making kit by Mary Elizabeth Flowers includes all the materials and guidance you need to create your own joyful decoration for spring and easter, using real dried flowers, foliage and grasses. You can even choose between a mustard or aqua colour bow.

Above: Wreaths from The Happy Blossoms


Below: the Sorbet bouquet by Shida Preserved Flowers in the Seasonsincolour Office.



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